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Some of you might remember this picture! Dorothy and I spend pretty well the entire holiday season last year collecting and giving out turkey dinner’s which was more rewarding than I could ever possibly explain or imagine.

We’d like to do something a little different this year and we heard about ‘Adopt a Grandparent’. Like last year this is our first time doing this, but we feel that this is a good cause and we’d love to help out as many grandparents in need as possible.

I have a list of names and will continue to receive names for as long as there are those in need. However there isn’t a ton of time.

They’d like all ‘gifts’ to be brought in by Dec. 15 so there is enough time to give them out before the big day.

I think it would be fantastic if we could bring the community together again and make sure NO Grandparent goes without a gift!

We have a wish list for each name, which we’d be more than happy to share if you’re interested.

If you’d like to be involved please let me know!

*Please note that after you receive your name we won’t be following up with you to see if your gift was purchased and delivered. If you forget for any reason or don’t get your gift in on time, then that grandparent that was accounted for won’t be getting any gifts this Christmas.


Can we deliver the gifts ourselves?

At this point they don’t want a bunch of people stopping in because of suppressed immune systems but there has been quite a few requests so they are hoping when residents get better people can come in and visit.

Please understand this is a serious concern for seniors, they’d love to have you stop in however again at least at this point it’s too dangerous for the resident to do so. If anything changes we’ll let you know.

*what would be really nice and is only a suggestion: take a picture of you and your family that made the donation and put it in a card with the present. That way they can at least see who the present is from.

Can I wrap the presents?

Yes of course, I’m sure they’d love that!

Can I buy extra’s other than what’s on the wish list?

You bet you can. The residents have requested a few things. Many times the cost is only a couple dollars. So if you’d like to or able to spend more, please feel free. Remember that your gift is likely the only  gift they’ll receive at this time of year.

More Info

All items must be new and in unused condition. They are due by December 15th to the Deer Meadow School. Please leave them at the office in care of Mrs Hoppins grade 8-1 class.

This year we aren’t running this event but more so helping out. If you have any other questions please feel free to email Jam Redgwell at:

And if you know anyone interested in helping out please send them my way. My direct email address is or a facebook message works as well.

Thanks so much for your consideration in helping out. Let’s make this a year to remember for those in our community!!!

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