Airport Workout in Minutes

We thought it might be fun to do a workout for you at the airport. It always seems like we have lots of time to kill at the airport so why not get in an airport workout in minutes. This is a fun workout, and shows what we believe in as we’re always talking about working out wherever you go!

The truth is, if working out is part of your lifestyle it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll find a way to make it happen.

Using your body as the machine, gives you the ability to workout without equipment, in limited space so you can get a great workout in with little space, equipment or even time.


Our Airport workout exercises read as follows:

  • Hands to Forearms
  • Side hops
  • Super hero’s
  • Plank hops
  • Push ups
  • Step ups
  • Knee hugs
  • Dips
  • Triple jump

And of course don’t forget to have fun with your workout, it’s okay to have a good time!

You’re looking at 3 sets of each exercise and 12-15 reps or around 30 seconds for exercises like the plank hops or side hops.

This workout can also be done at the park, in your home or other places where you don’t need much equipment or have much time. The total time for this workout should only take 20-25 minutes.

Bonus! Nutrition Talk

Here is a short clip with some airport nutrition tips because not only is it important to stay fit and active while traveling through the airport but you need to keep your nutrition on point as well:

And if you’re looking for more workouts like this, give our challenge a try. We put together 21 days of workouts for you to get you going in the right direction with video demonstrations just like the one above.

More details on our 21 Day Body Blast here.

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