Cheezy Vegan Popcorn


Are you a popcorn lover but not a fan of the belly ache afterwards? If yes, this Cheezy Vegan Popcorn is for you. Conventional popcorn is full of nasty ingredients. Most which can be harmful to our health and considered toxic. This Cheezy Vegan Popcorn is one that you can trust.

All ingredients are ones that we know and can pronounce. That says a lot right there. No guessing and testing of what’s in it. A popcorn that is actually healthy for you. Yes that’s right. It’s true!

The nutritional yeast gives it a cheezy flavour while the Himalayan salt adds the salty goodness. This all pairs very well with the coconut oil. It tastes so great that you will have to eat it up before your family gets there hand on it because I can guarantee you it will be gone!

This Cheezy Vegan Popcorn is so good I bet you can’t just eat one bowl.

Cheezy Vegan Popcorn


4 cup air popped popcorn

3-4 Tbsp coconut oil, melted

1-2 tbsp Nutritional Yeast

Sprinkle of Himalayan Salt

To Do…

Pop the popcorn. Place in a large bowl. Melt coconut oil in a saucepan on VERY love heat. Once popcorn is popped drizzle the coconut oil, nutritional yeast and Himalayan Salt on top of the popcorn. Mix well and Enjoy.

Here’s a fun video we put together for our Monthly Membership of Drew and I live making popcorn.

Our Bonus recipe is pretty much just Apple Cinder Vinegar on popcorn that surprisingly tastes incredibly delicious. You can also add some Himalayan salt with the apple cinder vinegar or enjoy without it.

We’ve even tried hot sauce on air popped popcorn! And if you want to put in a bit of extra work for a delicious healthy treat. Try slowly melting honey and peanut butter together in a pan on the stove, mix gently until both ingredients are combined and drizzle on popcorn.

What’s your favourite popcorn recipe!?

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