Hockey Parents with Elite Athletes

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a number of questions come in now that the hockey season is here and off season training is over.

Some of these questions include, Are you offering any training for hockey camps in the fall? What do I feed my child after a game? What should they be doing before a tryout? Can you create a workout program for us? We’re not sure who to listen to because everyone says something different when it comes to nutrition.

So I thought to myself, if these questions are coming in from a handful, there must be others that have similar questions and concerns.

It’s quite difficult to answer these questions individually, so I thought how can we create a group so everyone could benefit from these answers, so parents don’t feel lost or not sure where to go when it comes to sports nutrition, when their kids workouts programs and they’re not sure what to feed them before a game.

For the last 3 years we’ve been able to successfully grow a similar online group of individuals that are a slightly different demographic but have similar concerns. What do I eat? What do I do for workouts? Who can I ask questions to? This group is mainly women ages 35-55.

I thought, why can’t we replicate this group and direct it to a different demographic for young hockey players that want to play at an elite level and offer this same support for hockey parents.

What we’d like to do is put together an online group. An online group because so many kids are on different teams, parents are already traveling all over the place for games and practices, which would make it very difficult to offer this in one physical location.

Online Support Group

In the online group we’d put together meal plans that would include healthy road snacks for before a game, complete meal plans so the athletes can stay strong and healthy during the week regardless of games or practices. The meal plans would include recipes and grocery shopping list to offer convenience for busy parents.

We’d also offer sport specific training depending on the time of year or time of season ie. in season training (or maintenance), post season training, preseason, etc.

And lastly what we’ve found most significant in the other group we run is the support. So people or in this case parents, don’t feel so alone. Who can I trust or ask? Who knows what they are talking about? Who really cares about my child? Who can help them get the most results possible?

It’s great to have a coach that offers advice and you can always look online for answers. But to have a specific and dedicated program directed to your sport and your group is what young athletes need to get to the next level.

At elite levels you don’t have coaches suggesting nutrition, you don’t have assistant coaches that ‘help with workouts’, they focus on what they’re best at, coaching the game. Which is why a program dedicated towards specific needs is so valuable.

Inside the online group is where you’d ask your questions about meal planning, pre game prep, exercise or recovery questions. Even what seems to lack the most, mental training. How does an athlete mentally prepare and train for games?  For long seasons? For injuries and more?


The structure will look like a month to month payment period or have the option for a yearly sign up. Remember this is just an idea at this point, we’ll need a good number of committed participants before we can move forward.

We understand that hockey is already an expensive sport so we want to do everything we can to keep the price reasonable and affordable for anyone interested.

We feel that $99-$129 is a reasonable monthly fee for this complete package. A gym membership alone would run around $50 and that’s without a program. Having a program put together by a professional would be about $150/month. And a meal plan for a month from a conventional nutritionist would be about $200.

So if we have enough numbers, given the structure we put together hosting the program online we can do this for a quarter of the cost.

We will need enough committed parents to put this all together. The price for a year would be $99/month. If you’re signing up month to month the price would be $129/mo.

At this point we welcome all suggestions or questions and comments. Please understand we’re not able to accommodate every suggestion but we’re certainly take every question and concern into consideration.

Looking at the offered price and all the  time we’re willing to put in we will need around 15 participants to start the program, so please send this to friends and other hockey parents you think that might be interested.

We feel, when it comes down to it, our goal here is to offer support in the best way we can. To get your athletes to the next level and to fill a need that needs to be addressed if they want to stand out in their level and age group.

How to proceed

If we have enough interest and feedback from the community, we’ll send out another email with a payment link and details as to when the group will be starting. If we don’t have enough interest, then hopefully we can come up with another idea that can help.

We look forward to hearing what you think!

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