McDonalds Warning

This warning cracks me up. Disclaimer before we get started. I rarely write for likes, comments or shares, although when in support I so much appreciate everyone of them.
In a situation like this, when I write about ‘controversial’ subjects people either say something mean or angry (in this case because they feel guilty about eating at McDonald’s) OR people say nothing at all giving a post less exposure because there is no ‘action’ taken on it.
I was walking behind this building and had to take a picture of this sign that was over the back entry door.
It read:
Entering this area can expose you to chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm, including gasoline engine exhaust and carbon monoxide from engine exhaust.
My thoughts:
A. Why on earth if this is possible, would they allow people to work in an establishment like this?
B. I kinda feel like this sign should be on the front of the building not hidden in the back.
C. Given these facts that obviously legally have to stated, we actually CHOOSE to eat ‘food’ at an establishment like this. #mindboggling

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