No Equipment Park Workout

This no equipment park workout is so much fun, you get to spend some time outside in nature, you can enjoy the beautiful weather, you can get a great workout in 20 minutes and you don’t have to worry about anyone getting in your way!

Here are some other benefits to outdoor workouts:

  • you don’t need to carry around equipment
  • you’re breathing in fresh air
  • you don’t have to worry about someone taking your station or equipment
  • you can walk or jog to the closest park which you can use as a warm up

Here is a list of the exercises and sets for this workout. Take it slow, try the beginner versions of these workouts first and progress to the more challenging ones.

Set #1

• Star Ball (10-12 reps)
• Plank- toe taps (12-15 reps)
• Side Plank- knee to elbow (12-15 reps/side)

No Equipment Park Workout

Set #2

• Stair jumps (5 stairs – 3 times)
• Plank- knee to elbow (12-15 reps/side)

  • Flutters (20-30 seconds)


Set #3

• Plank – hand to foot (12-15 reps)
• Hydrants (12-15 reps / side)
• Double leg circles (20-30 seconds / side )

Warm up / Cool Down

Don’t forget to do your proper warm up and cool down. It’s important to get your heart and lungs moving before a workout. A brisk walk or easy jog just to break a sweat for 5-10 mins will do it.

And afterwards, take some time to stretch for at least another 5 minutes to flush out that lactic acid and keep your muscles flexible.

Did you enjoy!?

Let us know how you enjoyed this workout in the comments below! And try our meal plans to help you rock your goals!

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