Paper Chase

I wonder why it seems like it takes a lifetime to realize we want something more meaningful in our lives. We literally chase paper thinking it will give us something we can’t get without it. We put ourselves through years of less than pleasant thoughts, emotions and circumstances thinking we have to keep a job that gives us a false sense of security.

It feels like to me so many of us wander around this life looking for meaning and purpose. Odd that it takes a lifetime to realize neither come from seeking money. We literally chase paper  believing that having toys, houses, and cars will fill that void of meaning and purpose but alas we’re left feeling empty and lost.

We keep a job which gives us a false sense of security that makes us miserable day in and day out which only masks true happiness.

Memories, experiences, giving, helping a friend or strangers is where meaning and purpose lie. This is where true wealth resides not a bank account with large numbers or a full tank of gas in a brand new car.

We can literally feel true happiness with a good belly laugh from an old friend, stories told from years ago that you still enjoy. Watching a breath taking sunset with the one you love, where no words are spoken because that would only ruin the moment.

paper chase

We continue to spend a lifetime waiting for retirement, not really living, just getting by in hopes that one day we can actually experience life, we can travel the world, create new memories and have enough money in the bank where we don’t have to worry about finances or that false sense of security.

But what if, what if we lived right now, what if we lived for today. What if every day we found meaning and purpose in what we did? What if we enjoy each sunset and sunrise like it was a gift from whatever God you believe in.

What if we did more of what we love, more of what truly makes us happy instead of more what we think should make us happy. We could help a stranger right now, we could spend more time with a loved one, we could take that trip and see sights only found in magazines today and cherish the memories for a lifetime.

We could live for today and understand what having meaning and purpose is without hoping that one day we’ll find it.

Fill that void of meaning and purpose, instead of waiting a lifetime to get those memories and experiences go after then now, so you can enjoy those experiences for a lifetime.

Happiness is waiting for you, and so is meaning and purpose. It’s waiting in a place we’re not used to looking.


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