Tri-Mag: Magnesium Supplement



We researched, were involved with Magnesium groups and forums and asked tons of questions for about 8 months before we started working on our own. We wanted to see if we could actually come up with something unique and better than the rest of the products on the market.

Most people don’t know there are many different types of Magnesium on the market.

We chose a combination of 3 that we felt could offer the best result and the highest amount of absorption.

We went with a liquid for many reasons, more specifically because it’s most absorbable; lots of people don’t like pills and many didn’t like the taste of powders.

We have an awesome orange flavour which goes fantastic with a fresh squeeze of lemon, and can also be mixed in with: tea, kombucha, juice, smoothies, etc.

Our 3 Magnesium All Stars are: Chloride, threonate, gluycinate (and potassium as well).

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