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  • I know websites can be daunting so the first thing I’d like to encourage you to do is sign up for my weekly newsletter.  It’s free and I simply give weekly information that will offer tips to improve your life from recipes, to radio shows, blog posts and more.
  • Next have a look around, this website was designed to be user friendly, easy to read and navigate.  If you’re looking for coaching, personal training, or even free information through podcasts, we have all that for you listed right on the front page.
  • If for any reason or any time you’d like to talk to someone we’d be happy to help you.  Just call 888-572-5552, I guarantee there will be no sales pitches, only information offered.  You can also visit the contact us page to send an email for anything from advise to pricing.

If Stress is one of your main concerns and the reason you came to this site, there are a number of posts you can read here.

3 thoughts on “Start here

  1. Hi Drew. I know someone who has done one-on-one classes with you before which is where I got your name from. My hubby and I need some direction in our workout routine (which is very sporadic at best). He works during the day and I work early evenings, so we really only have weekends to work out. We would like to work out together if possible. We are looking for some personal training sessions to do together to get us started and then sporadically to keep us going. Can you touch base with me and let me know if this is something you can help us out with? Cheers.

  2. HI Drew . we chatted a bit on FB. Though I don’t have a sense one can’t make change 60 and over, are you interested in this age group? I would one-to-one with you or partner to get going. I would like to loss 20 pounds gained in menopause and feel less stressed and enhnace over sense fo well being. Let me know if this sounds a fit for you! Cheers, Yvonne

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