Another 10-Day Fitness Challenge

We are super excited to put together another 10-day fitness challenge! It's the perfect time to offer a boost of motivation! And get everyone set and ready to crush it this fall with their regular workout routines. Summer can be long and filled with BBQ's, drinks, marshmallows and other treats we don't usually consume. This puts a lot of stress on our bodies in different ways. Also, likely adds a few summer inches as well. So....we'd love to help get you going in the right direction. The ...

10 Day Fitness Challenge

10 day fitness challenge
Everyone needs a little help with motivation. We all need some direction at times and we could all use a supportive group to keep us accountable. Which is why I decided to put together a 10 day fitness challenge! This 10 day fitness challenge includes: Daily support A comfortable private and supportive group atmosphere for questions, motivation and encouragement Full body weight exercises Different 20 min workout each day for 10 days No gym required See results in only 10 days! Ga...

10 Day Vegan Detox Challenge

I’ve always wanted to try a vegan diet, so I thought why not start a 10 day vegan detox challenge.  I’m always looking for the next step , I love to experiment on my own body to see how I feel, how my body reacts; if I can gain more energy, improve digestion or sleep better. These are all questions I ask myself on a continual basis throughout my never ending search for optimal health. One way is not the best way for everyone I don’t believe in cookie cutter programs, ones that say if you do th...