Time isn’t relevant at all

Time is a funny thing. It’s relevant one might say. It’s almost comical listening to college students talk about time. Many college students don’t have a job when they’re in school, less college athletes have jobs. Very few have family responsibilities, meaning a spouse or children and the good majority of them go to class 3-4 hrs a day. Let’s pick on College Athletes because I was one. We/they went/go to school for a few hours a day, practice for an hour or two, might study for an hour and ma...

How you want to be treated

how you want to be treated
I recently filled in to teach a seniors fitness class, I also train athletes on a regular basis. One could argue these are two extremes. For argument sake, let’s put the student athletes in the category as ‘kids’. So I walk into the class where a large number of seniors are waiting for their ‘substitute instructor’ to get started, the first thing I hear is, ‘Don’t treat us like we’re old, we can exercise too!’. I thought to myself FANTASTIC! I love that mind set. So you know what, I treated th...