A Man that Makes Birdhouses

So this might be a stretch but I thought I'd at least try to help out and reach out to our TRUE FORM community here to see if we could get more people involved. There is this older man at the market in Olds that makes bird houses by hand. I asked him how he was doing, he said he's doing ok. I said how is business, he gestured 'not so good'. Then he told me he'll try one more week and if he doesn't sell he'll move on. Kind of makes me sad, he puts all this time and effort into making these ...

100 Boxes for 100 Local Families

100 boxes for 100 local families
https://youtu.be/DKfrq_KYHMM I’ve decided that I’d like to do something this year for those in need. I’ve wanted to do this for awhile now but never took the initiative. It seems like more than ever local families are in need. I also understand food banks could use our help more than ever. I know there are so many organizations out there that are doing incredible things. Organizations I could help out, in fact, when I tell people what I’d like to do, many say, ‘why don’t you help _____...

Bringing a Community Together

Bringing a community together
Instead of taking the conventional approach to media in disaster and heartbreak I thought I'd shine some light in a different way that includes a story of hope and bringing a community together. I recently heard about an individual (Jordan Rhude) hanging out in a parking lot with his pick up truck collecting items to bring up to Fort Saskatchewan for the Fort McMurray Victims. Only a day later I pull and find a small group collecting items and placing them into trailers, buses and even a ...