Eating FATS will NOT Make you Fat!

Will eating fat make me fat? This question comes up quite frequently. The haunting fear that eating fats will put fat on your body. This myth simply isn’t true. I can assure you that eating fats will not make you fat! There are a number of things that contribute to weight gain such as: eating low quality food like substances, overeating, lack of sleep and STRESS. Eating proper portions of healthy fats will not cause weight gain. In fact, healthy fats fuel our bodies and give us energy. ...

Living in Fear

living in fear
We live in fear don’t we? Living in fear is normal isn’t it? We fear ‘health food’ because ‘we don’t know how it’s grown’, we fear making healthy choices because ‘I don’t know where to start’ or more so ‘they always change the information so what’s the point?’. We fear carbs, sugar and fats all the same. We fear sharing our opinion openly because there seems to be those leeches lying in the weeds that suck the life out of you when you want to express your thoughts openly. (I always wonder ...