Staying Healthy While Eating Out

staying healthy while eating out
I wouldn't say it's exactly realistic to never eat out again now that you've decided to make healthier nutrition choices. The social aspect alone, spending time with friends and family doesn't need to be avoided all together.   However it can be difficult to stay healthy when eating out. There are so many temptations from drinks to appetizers. But there are things that we can do to help us stay on track when you're enjoying time out. Tips to Staying Healthy While Eating Ou...

Listen to Your Body

listen to your body
My confession this morning is that I didn’t wake up for a workout, in fact I contributed to the cancelation of it (if not caused it :)), rolled over and went back to sleep. This makes me feel terribly guilty, I suppose it’s much the same as over indulging in treats, or snacks and then feeling horrible about it for hours, days or weeks after. I always tell those I’m working with that deal with heavy guilt on a regular basis, ‘that guilt does more damage than the actual action’ (of snacking in ...