Summer Salads and Smoothies Wrap Up

I want to thank everyone for the warm and welcoming standing ovation at our Summer salads and smoothies event the other night. HAHA! Just kidding, just a little fun we had with everyone. I do want to thank everyone so very much for making the event a big success! Rhonalyn and Kristin for taking some great pictures and sharing them (and Julia for helping pass out the smoothies). I've already talked to a handful of members like Ashley who's been inspired and posting some awesome pics a...

Berry Smoothie Recipe

Berry Smoothie recipe
I've been enjoying Complete Truth Protein (CTP) BERRY smoothie recipe lately! A smoothie is a perfect snack meal in the evening. Add fruit and you can fight those sugar cravings that are all so apparent while winding down in the evening. The is my favourite go to smoothie late in the evening when I don't want to prepare anything. 2 tbsp CTP 1 cup mixed berries 1 banana 1 cup kale 3 ice cubes 2 cups water Seems hard to go wrong with mixed berries. Remember that you should be...

11 Smoothies Recipes You’ll Love

I thought it might be fun to put together a little contest within our Monthly Membership program and give away a bag of Complete Truth Protein (CTP). I think everyone enjoys fun little contests, we all enjoy sharing our creations and it gives others the opportunity to see and try what others enjoy. Just one of the things we do within our membership group to keep everyone interested and trying different things. We're also building our own little online community that you're welcome to join if ...