The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day

I was listening to this conversation between a mom and a daughter at the park. It came from this little cat that visits everyone that comes to the park.

I would say the daughter was about 8 years old. She quickly fell in love with this very welcoming and friendly cat.

The daughter says to the mom, ‘I just love this cat so much, it’s friendly, loves for me to pet it, it follows me around the park while we’re here and it might not even have a home.

Can I take it home mommy, please, please, please. I’ve always wanted a cat of my own.

The daughter went on: What if no one takes care of it, what if it’s hungry or if it doesn’t have a home? Can’t we just take it home and love it forever!?

The Mother says to the daughter but what will you do with the cat while you’re in school? The daughter says, it can sit in the house and wait for me when I get home!

The mom says, listen darling, I know you love this cat and that you’ve always wanted a lovely little cat but, maybe you can think of it as, what’s best for the cat.

Let’s pretend you’re the cat for a moment! Won’t that be fun!?….says the mother.

The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day

You’re a beautiful little cat, that loves the neighbourhood kids, comes to visit everyone that plays at this beautiful park. You get to spend your entire day outside roaming the neighbourhood as you wish.

The weather is beautiful here, the sun is shining, people love to visit you here at the park just as much as you love to visit them.

And then all of a sudden a little child that loves you, takes you home, puts you inside all day, where it’s lonely and closed in and you miss everyone that comes to the park…..

How would you feel the mother asks, looking deep into her daughters eyes?

Disappointingly the daughter realizes her mom is right, she lowers her head and say, ‘okay, we should probably leave the cat here’.

Then the mom says, but what we can do is love this cat while we’re here, and we can play with it and encourage the other kids to love it and play with it too, so it has a nice home here AND we can always come back to visit it.

The little girls head shoots up from being lowered in excitement as she says, ‘WHENEVER WE WANT!?’. ‘That’s right!’, says the mom. Whatever we want, with a genuine smile .

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