The End of a Season with the Broncos

It’s been a bit of an emotional week for us as we wrap up the college season and have to say good bye to many of the athletes we’ve been working with all year long. I think it’s a common misconception that ‘trainers’ train, go home and that’s it.

When you work closely with individuals or teams, it doesn’t exactly work that way. Not only does each individual have a different personality but each team does as well. You have to figure out which is the best approach when dealing with each one of them to help them get the most results.

And not only is your self worth (or profession) measured in individual progress but in team results as well.

As a trainer you hear about school and family issues. You work towards building team chemistry both inside the training room and out. Of course you deal with athletes that don’t love what you do or the way you do it, but you also deal with ones that couldn’t be more grateful for the time and effort we put in.

I can honestly say, although there’s been ups and downs throughout the season, we so much enjoyed working with each one of the teams and we’ll without question miss them very much.

We spent two hours a week with each team, sometimes first thing in the morning, many times late into the evening. We also spent many weekends watching them play as well. So as players move on, as teams change, as new beginnings start, it was actually difficult to say good bye to them.

Given, many weren’t formal endings, the thought still remains, the team won’t be the same, players will be moving on and who knows what’s to come in the near future for everyone.

I’d like to thank the Broncos Admin and staff for giving us this opportunity, the coaches we worked with and the individual players and teams also. No it wasn’t always easy but we learned so much from them and we’ll look forward to seeing what happens to those we know and have worked with in the future.

Of course I can’t thank Dorothy enough; there’s no way I’d even consider taking this contract without her never ending support and dedication to all that we do at True Form.

All the best to the Broncos moving on, and to those that will be back next season as well!

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