The Imperfection of our Christmas Tree

One of our favourite parts about the Holiday Season is our Christmas Tree!!

A few years ago we started going out and getting our own Christmas in the forest. We make a day out of it. It’s such a beautiful experience including: snowy country drives, Christmas music in the car, hot chocolate, a hike in the woods etc. We LOVE IT!!

Our tree is not perfect by any means but we love it because we picked it out together and it reminds us of the beautiful day that we had together.

The imperfection of our Christmas Tree got me thinking beyond just a Christmas Tree.

There seems to be so much pressure for perfection in the world today. Success seems to be measured by having the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect spouse, the perfect kids. GAHH!! The list goes on!!

Who decides what perfection is anyway!! Where do these standards come from?!?!?

Maybe we can all look beyond the surface. Look a little deeper and find perfection in the way we feel.

Perhaps the perfect Christmas Tree is not measured by how straight it is, how full the branches are or how tall it is.

Perhaps the perfect Christmas Tree is measured by the memories. By our feelings.

Maybe it’s measured by the memories we created hauling it out of the woods. Maybe it’s measured by the feeling of joy that was in our heart when we decorate it with loved ones. To me that’s perfection.

Maybe that right there is our answer. Perfection is measured by feelings!!

This is our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and although it may not be perfect it’s perfect for us because it brings so many feelings and memories of JOY!!

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