We truly are our own worst critics aren’t we???

We truly are our own worst critics aren’t we???

This might surprise some of you but I don’t actually consider myself as “fit”. I feel strange saying it and I don’t believe I fit the category (haha see what I did there)

But in all seriousness, I am constantly questioning myself:
-My abs need to be more cut
-My arms need more definition
-My legs need toning

Etc.Etc. Etc.

I tell myself once I’ve achieved these things then I can call myself fit.

Drew snapped this picture of me last week at class without me knowing. When I first saw it I thought “Wow! Look how fit I am” Then of course moments later self doubt sets in and I start picking out all the things “wrong” with me.

Then I thought “Wait just one second here” “STOP!!”

If I could only stop self sabotaging for one minute I’d realize that all the things I want I already have.

So many times me are blinded by our own negativity that we can’t even see what’s truly there.

I am here to tell you, just like I told myself and continue to tell myself “STOP!!!”

Instead of cutting yourself down, build yourself up.

Find what you love about yourself and continually tell yourself that.

One of my favourite quotes is “We believe what we continually tell ourselves”.

I am being brave today to stand up and say “I am fit!”

I encourage you to do the same and share what’s most difficult to believe of yourself.

Go ahead, let me know in the comments. It’s so freeing and saying it out loud, making it public makes it that much for REAL!!!

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