Will CTP give me Gas or Bloating?

We had a great session last night talking sports nutrition with the athletes from our Hockey camp. We even brought in CTP Smoothies for them to try (thanks Dorothy!).

What I didn’t realize was, before I could tell them to drink them slowly, they’re cups were pretty much empty.

I suppose I don’t realize that most people chug their smoothies which causes issues like gas, bloating and indigestion.

We often get the question, does CTP cause gas or other digestive issues? And the answer is, CTP can actually help improve digestion issues but it needs to be used properly.

We have a TON of nutrients in CTP, an entire meal’s worth of nutrients which is much different than a conventional protein supplement (which is usually an isolate).

What I’m getting at here is, we need to give our bodies a chance to digest and absorb our smoothies and the nutrients they contain. It’s important to drink slowly, and enjoy them so the nutrients have a chance to do what they do ;).

Quick Tip!
So be sure to use your Complete Truth Protein! You won’t be able to keep in it the cupboard and come back to it a year later like other supplements. Like a food, it will spoil.

If you need some recipes for smoothies or baking we have TONS that can help Energize your day and improve your digestion at the same time. Those recipe can be found

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