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This one hits home on a deep level. I’d imagine everyone isn’t going to agree with this post, and I’m okay with that. I grew up in a world where it’s okay to disagree and we can still be friends, and we can voice a different opinion even though the masses disagree. I understand that has changed, but that doesn’t mean I agree with that.

More government intervention, after the last number of years where we saw businesses shut down, haven’t reopened and many never will. It seems like much hasn’t changed. A direct assault on gyms and small health facilities, and who knows, maybe for good reason. But to start that all over again in a different way, for not apparent reason is beyond me.

This bill they are trying to pass would put us out of business along with ALL health food stores, independent practitioners that make a good part of their income through supplements like massage therapists, chiropractic care and more.

โ€ฆnot to mention with the rise in groceries and standard of living, countless MLM type of companies that sell all kinds of different health products, that are only able to keeping paying their bills and putting food on the table by adding an extra income.

We already know they allow ridiculous ingredients in any product let alone health products that are detrimental to our health. I don’t believe they are trying to offer cleaner or more regulated products for our health. I believe they are trying to make sure they get a larger piece of the pie, along with big pharma’s pressure to put a stranglehold on the competition of pharmaceuticals.

Not a day goes by where someone doesn’t reach out to thank us for our supplements, for our education or for helping them improve some part of their health. And for that to disappear simply isn’t right.

When a governing body can step in and say you can no longer feed your family in this manner, it doesn’t exactly represent a free country now does it?

For 12 years we’ve worked as hard as a family could possibly work to grow, and influence and help and educate, and our livelihood along with many others is at risk. How could we not take it personally? What are our options, to leave the country and start over? Don’t think we haven’t thought of it; there may come a time where that’s our only choice.

I’m not sure there’s much hope, it seems like every bill as of recent has been passed regardless of how ridiculous it seems. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try to make a difference.

We’re urging you to take action. I still believe we’re strong in numbers and that our voice can and will make a difference. We’ll be sending out these flyers in your orders, whether you choose to take action or not is up to you.

But we would ask that if you’ve supported us at all in the past, if you’ve tried even one product of ours that’s made a difference in your life, to keep our business alive and many others, that you make a call, send a letter, or put the flyer in the mail in hopes it gets to the right people so we can make a difference together.

And if you don’t agree, that’s perfectly okay. We’ll do everything we can to fight for our family, for our health and those around us just like we always have.

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