10 Burgers for 10 Homeless

10 Burgers for 10 Homeless – We were having lunch the other day and saw a few people standing near the library we were walking by that looked like they were homeless, we thought maybe they were hungry too. Maybe they didn’t have lunch?

After a short conversation we went to the McDonalds across the street and grabbed 10 burgers to bring to them. No not the healthiest of choices but, I figured it’s better than nothing, and if you haven’t eaten in a couple days….

We met a man named Jeff, who was more than happy to talk to us. He was sitting next to Scoop, who didn’t seem all that open to a conversation but was happy to take the burgers.

10 burgers for 10 homeless

Jeff openly talked, was thankful and transparent. He had questions of his own, he actually wondered what religious group we were part of. When I told him we weren’t, he looked puzzled.

I said, “we just ate, and thought you might like to have something to eat as well, that’s all”. Again he looked puzzled, he said, ‘so you’re just out spreading the love?’ We nodded in agreement. He said, ‘SPREADING THE LOVE, you are good people!’

We walked around some more and found a man that just picked up a cigarette from an ashtray who looked surprised when we approached him.

I asked him if he’d like a burger and his eyes lit up like a 6yr old on Christmas morning. He kindly thanked us as we carried on.

We met Stephen in the park who was laying down under a tree for an afternoon nap, who was a big man but spoke softly, almost gently, he was thankful for a burger as well.

And on our way back we found someone curled up in a ball next to a building in the shade who was sleeping. With the last burger we left the bag next to them so they’d have a nice surprise when they woke up.

It feels good to do something nice for someone else for no other reason than that.


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