10 Day Private Group Detox

We back at it with another 10 day private group detox. We’ve has such good reviews from our past few detoxes we had to try again. Our 10 Day Vegan Detox went fantastically, as did our Pay What You Can Detox.  This group will be very similar to our past detoxes because they went so well. Cut off for this Detox will be July 16th.
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Why Are We Different?

First of all I don’t believe in conventional detoxes. In fact I feel that the weekend cleanse, 3 day fast or latest celebrity detox does more damage than good. I feel that when we strip away nutrients that our bodies need and we put our bodies in a state of stress that is detrimental to our overall health.

And the other reason I don’t believe in conventional detoxes is because they don’t give you the tools you need to sustainable improve your health. Think about what brought you to a detox, what toxic levels you have now and why you’re looking to detox. To me, it simply doesn’t make sense to detox for a few days, and go back to your regular lifestyle that caused your toxins to build up.

What do we offer?

With that in mind, we offer exactly the opposite of what a conventional detox does. We offer tools and knowledge to help you live a healthy lifestyle. To help you detox your body of processed food, refined sugar, msg and other toxic preservatives our bodies aren’t able to recognize, utilize and absorb.

In this detox we show you how to actually prepare food from the very beginning. You’ll be surprised at how quickly and easily you’ll be able to prepare the food.  And maybe the best feature, you’ll be able to buy all the ingredients you need at a conventional grocery store (which means you don’t have to shop at a number of different places to find what you’re looking for).














We also offer:

  • 30 day meal plan
  • recipes
  • videos
  • podcast
  • targeted blog posts
  • grocery shopping lists
  • daily group support for the entire 10 days
  • experience

Detoxify Yourself ebook graphics #1

Detoxify Yourself 

This detox is based around Detoxify Yourself (which is included in your group registration fee.  It is a True Lifestyle Detox.  What does it include:

  • grocery shopping lists, recipes and weekly meal plans
  • Why we chose to design a meal plan free of gluten, dairy, soy and GMO’s
  • Reducing Stress caused by mind clutter
  • The cosmetics you put ON your body
  • Learn how to prepare whole foods
  • We’ll also teach you what toxic ingredients to avoid

*Before you get started I highly recommend you take 20 minutes out of your day to listen to this radio show episode where I go into detail of exactly what you should expect starting this Detox and 30 Day Challenge (10 days of group support). 

Complete Truth Protein

It’s not entirely necessary but highly recommended you check out Complete Truth Protein (CTP) which is a whole food supplement (made with a base of quinoa and hemp hearts). This product is not included in the package so if you would like to use it you’ll need to buy it separately. You’ll soon find out it’s highly beneficial to use CTP given the amount of nutrients and how it’s used in the meal plan. Again it’s not mandatory but you’ll certainly more easily see the benefits of preparing meals with a whole food supplement.


Past Experiences 

Here’s what some of those had to say that have tried a detox with us before:

Callie – This is actually the third detox I have done with Drew. His support and knowledge is unrivaled. He really is there with the advice you need every step of the way. I did the pay what you can stress detox in a group setting and the additional support of the other members was amazing. This is a must do detox to jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Aaryn – This 14 day “Pay what you can stress detox” was great. Thank you so much for sharing your vast knowledge. The support we received through this group was invaluable. Loved how involved everyone was and I especially enjoyed the exchange of recipes and motivation. Who knew being healthy could be this much fun! Thank you Drew Taddia. Loved it!

Terry – I signed up for and just finished the 2 week “pay what you can” detox with Drew Taddia. I found it to be very informative and worthwhile. Drew’s plan is very straight forward and easy to follow. He suggests meal and snack plans for a full 30 days, with easy to prepare receipes that use commonly available ingredients. He has a great deal of knowledge and shared it with us in a friendly, engaging way. We learned not only about eating properly, but also about detoxing our home environments, as well. The group support was amazing, and kept us accountable. We shared recipes, and stories of successes and little set-backs, and asked questions of each other. It was a very supportive and positve experience, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to live a healthier life.

Donna – The 14 Day Detox was very timely. I was determined to make some lifestyle changes, and as I already had Drew’s book I was going to do it on my own. The group aspect made it very easy to proceed with. The information and encouragement from Drew, and the other participants, the shared thoughts and recipes were a great support to me. I have tried several of the recipes and found them all easy to prepare and delicious. Drew was always very prompt with answering questions or addressing concerns. CTP is awesome, I won’t go back to any other protein powder. Thank you, Drew.

Will You Be Next?

You’ve heard the testimonials of past members, you better understand what we offer and why we’re different. Now it’s your turn to make the decision. I understand there is so much information out there. There’s all kinds of detoxes and you don’t know where to start. Start with us, we know what it takes to jump start into a healthy lifestyle. We have what it takes to successfully walk you through 10 days with continual support and we know how to point you in the right direction to continue living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t wait any longer, your time is now.
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