Drew and I believe that Thieves is the BEST way to achieve a clean, non-toxic household. You can trust that Thieves products are created with all natural, plant-based ingredients. You’ll achieve a deep clean without polluting your home with nasty chemicals and exposing your family and pets to toxins.  

Thieves takes care of it all: kitchen counters, ovens, toilets, mirrors, windows, floors, teeth, hands, clothes and more… 

Where our THIEVES Journey Began

For years, Drew and I researched food and felt like we had a really good handle on eating healthy but there came a time when we learned that being healthy isn’t just what we put IN our bodies but it is also about what we put ON our bodies. 

We started reading the labels on the back of our household cleaners and beauty products. To our surprise there were so many ingredients with names we could not pronounce or even begin to know what they were without a scientist or a chemist present. This was equally shocking and alarming to us. 

Where our Research Lead us

After weeks and weeks of research, my brain hurt and I started freaking out. The questions and the ‘what if’s’ from all our research kept spiralling around in my head. 

The ‘What ifs’ spiralling around in my head:

  • What if Drew’s crazy, relentless headaches were coming from the toxic chemicals in our shampoo, air fresheners, candles and perfumes?
  • What if my constant coughing while cleaning was due to the harsh chemicals in our household cleaners? 
  • What if my students at school were getting sick all the time because their immune systems were weakened from the chemicals used to clean the school, the toxic hand soap in the bathrooms and the hand sanitizers they use daily. 
  • What if the fertility problems my best friend was undergoing was because of the dangerous ingredients in her make-up, or the toxins in her favourite lotions?
  • What if my co-worker’s anxiety was caused by her body being overloaded with toxins on a daily basis?

What if choosing cleaner, non-toxic products means less headaches, stronger immune systems and happier moods?

A lot of research has been done to explain how toxic chemicals that we are exposed to every day have a serious effect on our health. 

The more we educate ourselves, the more we can protect ourselves. 

The power is in your hands to choose better. Choose products that are free from chemicals and toxins. You are the voice for your family. You deserve the best! 

Why we Chose THIEVES

After spending a lot of time reading labels we realized just how many chemicals we were putting ON our bodies every single day. 

Our skin is our largest organ and it has a very fast absorption rate. It takes only 20 seconds for most chemicals to reach our bloodstream. This was super scary!!

Drew and I put in a lot of work to eat clean but yet chemicals were still leaking into our bodies through products we thought were cleaning our bodies. It was quite the opposite. These products were actually polluting our bodies even more. 

We searched and searched and searched for a number of years for products we could trust but every time we went to the store to buy shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, cleaning products etc. we were spending a ridiculous amount of time reading labels. 

That was until we found Thieves. Thieves was a game changer for us. We did our research just like every other product but Thieves came up #1 time and time again. Made with clean, plant-based ingredients that we could trust. 

This meant no more spending hours at the store reading labels. Instead our non-toxic products are delivered right to our door. BONUS!! 

We now feel like we have the best of both worlds. We feel like we got our control back. Now not only are we putting clean foods in our bodies but we feel safe with the products we are putting on our bodies. 

Thieves Products

*Product descriptions below are from the the Young Living website, if you’d like to find out more details directly from the source you can do that here.

Essential Oil

Thieves essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma.

What I find most interesting about Thieves is its history. Historically, in the 15th century, French thieves created a special combination of herbs as a means to protect them from disease while robbing the dead and dying. Our beloved Thieves blend was created based on this tradition.

Household Cleaner

An all purpose, concentrated cleaner formulated with 100 percent plant and mineral-based ingredients, biodegradable and complies with the EPA standards. Feel good knowing that this product is safe to use around everyone in your family, including pets. Whether you need to clean windows, scrub your bathroom, or wipe countertops in your kitchen, Thieves household cleaner does it all. 

Hand Soap

A blend of Thieves, Lemon and Orange essential oils with other naturally derived ingredients. Gentle and effective alternatives to commercial soaps and doubles as an effective spot remover on fabrics.

Dish Soap

With naturally derived ingredients, Thieves Dish Soap effectively cleans your dishes without chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. Young Living pure essential oils—Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot—work with other plant-based ingredients to leave your dishes sparkling clean.

Laundry Soap

With a plant-based formula, Thieves Laundry Soap gently and naturally washes your clothes, cleaning them without any chemical or synthetic residue. Natural enzymes and powerful essential oils add to the formula’s strength to leave your clothes fresh and clean with a light citrus scent.

Fruit and Veggie Spray

A spray that safely and effectively washes produce with the cleansing power of Thieves essential oil and Lime essential oil. Combined with other naturally-derived ingredients to efficiently clean produce no matter where you are.


Thieves Toothpaste leaves your mouth feeling fresh and minty. It’s advanced formula of all-natural ingredients gently cleans and whitens your teeth. With pure Thieves essential oil it has the power to freshen your breath.

Hand Purifier

All natural and enhanced with peppermint essential oil to cleanse and purify hands without water. Leaves hands clean and smelling great. 

How to get your hand on THIEVES Products


The best way to get started with Thieves is to create yourself a wholesale account. You automatically receive a 24% discount on all products just for signing up. Don’t worry there are no fees for creating an account. 

You can get all the items listed above PLUS a diffuser in the Thieves Premium Starter Kit.

I would highly recommend starting with the kit. You really get the most bang for your buck this way. You save so much money in the long run and you have everything you need to instantly make the switch from a toxic to a non-toxic home.  

Step by Step Instructions to Set-up your Account

  • Click here . Give the page a moment to load.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click next.
  • A pop-up window will appear asking if you want to change your sponsor. Click continue. Do not check the box.
  • Next select the Premium Starter Kit with Thieves
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click ‘next’.
  • A pop-up window will appear click ‘continue enrolment’ to proceed
  • Enter your personal information.
  • Once you reach the bottom click “agree and continue”
  • Fill in your payment and shipping information.
  • Confirm your order.
  • Now you’re all set up!
  • Your Premium Starter Kit will be shipped right to your door.


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