We are super excited to put together another 10-day fitness challenge! It’s the perfect time to offer a boost of motivation! And get everyone set and ready to crush it this fall with their regular workout routines.

Summer can be long and filled with BBQ’s, drinks, marshmallows and other treats we don’t usually consume. This puts a lot of stress on our bodies in different ways. Also, likely adds a few summer inches as well.

So….we’d love to help get you going in the right direction.

The Proposal 

This is what we have going on. Now we certainly don’t want to confuse you. We have both local people interested in this another 10-day fitness challenge and those we’ve met online from afar. We’re doing our best to include you both, so please read carefully to see where you fit in.

Registering Online: Another 10-Day Fitness Challenge

If you’re too far away to join our park classes and still want to participate, this is for you!

When you register for another 10-day fitness challenge online, we will put you in a private and secure group on Facebook. Within this group, we will be offering 24/7 support over the 10 days challenge. We will also be posting 10 different workouts (one per day – except for weekends). All workouts are full body weight only, no equipment required. Workouts will take roughly 20 minutes to complete and we have beginner exercises to advanced.

On top of that, we will be offering a bonus 7-day meal plan to optimize your results which will include a grocery shopping list and recipes.

We are charging $49 for the support, workouts and meal plan, which we feel is very reasonable. Again we are offering full support and will be there to answer any questions you may have regarding workouts, the meal plan or fitness in general.

We also plan on doing a couple live workouts so you can join us for those in your own home!

Another 10-Day Fitness Challenge

Park Workouts  

If you’re not exactly an online person and love the group support and that feeling of your neighbor pushing you through a workout, this part is for you.

We’d like to start morning workouts at 6 am. Yes, I know that sounds early, but we need to respect everyone’s time, and given that most people work during the day, we need to give everyone a chance to workout, get ready for work and make it in on time.

Our workouts will be roughly 1 hr, which will include full body weight exercises. We have battle ropes, BOSU and swiss balls, along with resistance bands and trx’s. So we guarantee your entire body will feel these workouts, boost your metabolism and get your body in a fat burning stage.

If you register for the park workouts you will also receive everything included above in the online package: 10 at home workouts, 24/7 support in a private and secure Facebook group and a 7-day meal plan.

We will do everything we can to get your body rockin’ over these 10 days.

Price for Park Workouts 

If you pay for the full 10 days in advance the price is $79. Which is only $8/class. We usually charge $15 but we wanted to see how many people we can help get on track at this time.

If you’ll only be there for some of the classes we can prorate you, but you’ll still need to pay in advance. If you can’t join us for the full 10 days, individual classes are $10/session which is still a great deal! And remember you’re getting a meal plan and support as well.

That’s right, we’re rewarding you for fully committing and paying in advance because money certainly does motivate people.

Can I pay drop in?

No, unfortunately, you cannot. We’ve been doing this a long time and if you don’t pay in advance, there’s a good chance you won’t show up if you sleep in a few minutes, if the weather isn’t perfect, or if you simply don’t feel like coming that day.

On top of that, carrying around change, asking people to remember payment next time, etc….all gets to be too much especially for the limited time we have in the morning with most people rushing off to work.

*Remember you can still prorate, see above.

Is there Discounts if 2 of us sign up?

The problem with offering minimal pricing is that we’re not able to offer discounts or sales per se. If you pay for the full 10 days, which we encourage, $8/class is less than you’ll likely find anywhere else. And even if you’re paying the $10 to prorate your sessions, that’s far less the usual $15-$18 per class cost.

We could bring up the price to $12-15 and offer more discounts but we prefer not to make anything look better than it is, or offer hidden discounts simply to charge more pricing.

We certainly appreciate and encourage you to sign up with a friend but the price will be the same for each individual.

I’m Not a Morning Workout Person 

Trust me when I say, we hear this ALL the time. We also hear, ‘I never thought I could be a morning workout person but I love it’. Stay with me here. Getting your workout done in the morning gives you a sense of accomplishment. It gives you a boost of energy and confidence for simply finishing a workout when most people are rolling out of bed.

Do we have other options for workouts?

Not in the park. However, if you are local and still don’t want to wake up that early. You’re more than welcome to do the workouts at home with our videos we’ll be posting in the group.

How do I pay?

I’d like to make it simple with one pay button, but given that we’re trying to accommodate for everyone, it won’t do any good making 15 pay buttons.

So to make it as simple as possible, simply send an e-transfer with your payment of whatever it is you’ll be doing.

Online Only: The total price is $49 + tax = $51.45

Full 10 days of park workouts : the total price is $79 + tax = $82.95

If you can’t make all 10 park workouts, calculate the number of workouts you’ll be in attendance by $10 and add tax. For example: 7 workouts x $10 = $70 + tax = $73.50

Please send e-transfers to drewtaddia@gmail.com (choose automatic deposit so no password is needed) 

Still Unsure?

Think of it this way. MOST people will get inspired early September but they won’t have a plan. They won’t have momentum and they’ll likely be unsure what to do when they hit the gym or start working out at home, which all makes it very easy to fall off the wagon.

For sure, after doing this another 10-day fitness challenge, the feeling of a rockstar will give you that momentum and extra push to make it happen and keep your results coming. Most of us are motivated more so by what we have to lose than what we have to gain.

We don’t want to lose all of our progress, which is where that momentum comes in and fear of doing all that work for nothing. So take the leap and join us for 10 days!

Not Sure of the Price?

Let’s break it down. Most memberships cost at least $50. Support costs more if you want to ask questions and have someone there with you throughout the week.

There are limited fitness classes going on now, at least until September hits, which if you ask me is too late to start. If you do find classes running now they’ll be at least $15/session. And then to find a meal plan or direction as to where to go with food is another cost which is anywhere from $50-100/month.

Just to get started on a similar type of program you’re looking at around $165 before you get a workout in. Our $49 – $79 offer might look just a little better after realizing all that.

That should do it!

We are excited and inspired ourselves to get you the most results possible over the next 10 days. Let’s do this another 10-day fitness challenge! We look forward to seeing you in the group!

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