Are You At Risk!?

What is cognitive function and what does it have to do with me?

Are You At Risk

I’m sure most people understand the reason why they give health history checks pretty much wherever you go when it comes to treatment.

Reason being, if you have family history of _ (fill in the blank, heart disease, dementia, etc.) there’s a greater risk that you could have it or will in the future.

So when it comes to cognitive function I thought I’d explain this in more depth.

When it comes to major illness in most cases there are 4 main pillars. These include: Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Dementia

There are ways we can not just treat but prevent each in different ways and on different levels.

Often we talk about the power of Magnesium Threonate which is in our Liquid Mag. And we tell you that it’s for Brain Health and Cognitive Function. But what does that really mean?

It means more directly if you’re at risk for Dementia (meaning that it’s in your family), you’re someone that can benefit more than others. But don’t get me wrong, everyone can benefit from brain health.

For example, brain health has a lot to do with memory (which is why we bring up dementia in this instance). Do you find yourself fumbling for words, forget names easily or used to be able to remember numbers much easier than now?

Not sure what you had for dinner last night, and can never remember where you left your wallet or keys?

I feel like a lot of people chalk this up as, I’ve got other things on my mind, or I could never remember that anyways. When in fact there are measure we can take to action improve our brain health.

Of course there are other factors. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have early onset dementia because you keep losing your keys. There’s a good chance you simply don’t pay attention to where you drop them when you get home.

True Form's Liquid Mag

But the fact remains there are things we can do to prevent dis-ease in our body. And taking action steps will most definitely help.

So quite honestly you won’t notice Mag Threonate reliving that instant pain (or putting you to sleep easier than before) which are a couple reasons what initially draws people to Magnesium to begin with.

However you may notice you have less brain fog, you may notice you have an improved mood and less mood swings. You may even notice you’re remembering more things that you use to forget.

This is the power of Threonate which endless research and trial studies have proven. So when you’re taking Liquid Mag, know that you’re investing in your long term health and are also preventing along with treating.