Being a Bad Mom

Dorothy talking about ‘Being a Bad Mom!’ Along with Toxic Thoughts!

“He didn’t sleep at all last night 😴 I am such a bad mom”
I listened as a client that was very frustrated after a sleep-less night with her baby.

I tried to help and offer advice but not being a mom myself I felt like I wouldn’t be able to relate.

I started thinking about self-talk and how very hard we are on ourselves. Most things we say to ourselves are so nasty we wouldn’t even think about saying them to anyone else.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?!? Why are we ok with beating ourselves up but are outraged at the mistreatment of others. Why do we put ourselves at the bottom of the barrel?

It’s interesting because even though I couldn’t relate to my client as a mom I found myself relating to her as teacher. For the longest time when my students acted up I would always blame myself. I saw it as a reflection of me. I would tell myself “If my students misbehave I am a bad teacher”. And the worst part is I believed it.

Even though the circumstances are different mom vs teacher. The message is the same.

Negative self-talk is TOXIC!!

I can not think of a job any harder than being a mom. 24/7 Day in and day out caring for their little ones. No breaks, no off days just giving all you have to give every. single. day!!

This is why it’s so important to take care of you. Not just physically but emotionally as well. What we say to ourselves is what we believe.

Be kind to yourself. Speak highly of yourself. Believe that you are doing an excellent job because you are.

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