Being Connected

Being Connected

I made an interesting connection that I wanted to share with you which made me think about being connected.

I’m interested in drones at the moment, they are relatively new technology, they take super cool videos and awesome pictures. I’ve had thoughts of buying one myself, which I’m not 100% set on yet.

*if you’re not sure what a drone is, picture a remote control car that can fly in the air with a camera on it.

Just finishing a workout in the park I see a drone flying over head, I walk not too far over to some trees to set up my slackline as the drone continues to fly over and around the park.

As the sun goes down I start to pack up my slackline, and spot the drone ‘driver’ if you will. They just happen to be standing in an area that would be on my way home. So I walk in that direction.

In a moments time I strike up a conversation, I ask a few questions, he answers the questions. I’d say it’s a normal, average conversation between two strangers. I have a millions questions about drones, he offers short responses as he’s trying to fly this thing, which means the answers are to the point half paying attention to me, half driving this flying camera machine.

I tell him that I’m into videos and thought about getting a drone so I could put some cool clips in those videos.

I asked where he posts his pictures and videos so I could check them out, he told me and we both parted ways wishing each other a pleasant evening.

When I get back to the house I find him on social media, send a short message and not too long after he replies. We strike up another conversation about slacklining and videos. He says he’d like to try slacklining sometime and that he’d be happy to send me some video clips that I can use in my videos.

Simple story, maybe not all that entertaining. But I share this story because I feel like, even though we’re more connected in the world than ever, we’re less connected more than ever.

When EVER in history could we look someone up online and instantly see who their friends and family are, where they work, where they live and what their hobbies are? The answer is simple. Never.

We can look up celebrities, we could look up our boss or perfect strangers who somehow turn up in our newsfeed.

But to walk up to a perfect stranger takes courage. You have to push aside rejection, you have to be willing to put yourself out there and you need to be okay with being brushed off to make a real and authentic connection.

Personally I walked by at least 3 other drone drivers this week thinking about saying something but never did.

And it takes courage on the other end as well. I mean, I just wrote about how often my messages and inbox is filled with spam like information about the latest deal, product or ‘new company I’m working for’.

You have to let your guard down. You need to be at least partially open to a conversation, to a connection and being a human being instead of a robot that only connects through a machine.

If it’s worth anything, I’m happy I said something. I’m grateful for the connection, to be able to nerd out with someone who has a drone and talk about videos and pictures.

And I mean, who knows how long the relationship will last or where it will go but at least there was a real connection and I think in this day in age that’s a rare thing to experience.