Black Friday Fit Fam Offer

Yes, yes we know you’re probably tired of all the spam-ish Black Friday sales, discounts and emails filling up your inbox. We certainly are, however we know that many people do most of their shopping at this time of year. AND a lot of people also look for sales maybe even expect them.

This will be our biggest sale of the year, in fact it’s our biggest discounted offer in 5 years! Which is the last time we did a Black Friday sale ;).

Black Friday Fit Fam Offer

Let us tell you what we have in mind.

Many of you have heard us talk about Cooking with Dorothy Live, this is once a week in our private Fit Fam group. We also have live workouts twice a week, which you can join us for live if you’re up and available in the morning, or you can watch the replay.

Meal Plans and Fitness

We send out meal plans each week. And our favourite day of the week is what we call Success Sunday. Each Sunday morning we put on another live show to get you prepped and ready for the week!

We talk about the meal plan, what foods you need to buy and prepare, along with what’s going on in the week for our Fitness segment during the workouts.

Contests and Challenges

Within our Fit Fam we also often do different kinds of challenges. It could be a step challenge, it could be a hydration challenge. Whatever it may be that we have going on, we offer prizes and giveaways as a contest for these challenges above and beyond what we usually do.


And lastly we always offer our Fit Fam bonuses for being in our private group. Our Fit Fam is always first to see our new products, and they are the first that have the opportunity to purchase. And we always offer them a bit more, like free product to go along with the new products which is always more than our launch offer to the public.

Is there a better time?

I don’t think there’s a better time to get started in a fitness routine, find a supportive and encouraging group that can spread positive light and positive energy, and finally getting back on track with nutrition.

Don’t wait until the New Year, when everyone is rushing to the gym for their 2 weeks of New Years Resolutions. Start now, before that holiday weight gain kicks in. Take advantage of this amazing offering that likely won’t be back anytime soon!

$99/mo$79/6mo ($474/6mo – save $120)$59/mo/yr ($708/yr – save $480)
$59/mo * Savings of $40$39/mo/6mo ($234 * Savings of $240)$29/mo/12mo ($348 * Savings of $360)