90% Off Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sales are going bonkers right now! We’re jumping on board, too.

We got a special offer, something we’ve never done before. We have a $200 value up for grabs. That’s a 90% off. We only have 21 of these. Each person can only purchase a maximum of three.

If you know anyone that is feeling depressed, sad, overweight, these last two one half years have wreaked havoc on a lot of people. We want to help and we want to offer you the ability to help them as well.

So if you purchase one of these gift cards for $200 value, we’re going to work one on one for a month. We’re going to make phone calls. We’re going to help them out. We’re going to work on nutrition, fitness, lifestyle.

If they sign up and they jump on a call with us, we’re going to give them a free e-book to offer more accountability. It’s a Detoxify Yourself valued at 15 bucks. On top of that, for your reference, we’re going to give you $100 off, which is two weeks free, working with us as well.

I want to take a moment to explain the gift card idea in writing. I know not everyone has watched the live we did on Fri morning, so I want to make sure we’re all on the same page so your expectations are properly met.

The main reason we put this 90% O.F.F. offer together is because we feel like many people have suffered greatly over the last 2.5 yrs and need some extra help. We know people that need help and we felt there’s a good chance you know people that need some help as well.

So we are offering the ability for you to help them by offering to purchase a really nice valued gift for a very low price.


You purchase the $200 gift card for only $20. You’ll help us encourage them to use the gift card because we could likely be strangers, and they don’t know how valuable this gift, which could literally change their lives.

If the recipient books and shows up to the first Success Call, we’re going to gift them a Detoxify Yourself ebook (which we sell for $15). On top of that, you’ll receive 2 weeks free working with us which is a $200 value.

As you might imagine buying these for yourself and with a value of $315 for only $20 is a bit much to expect, that’s why these gift cards are meant for everyone to win. You buy the card, offer help to someone else; they’ll see massive results if they are willing to show up and put the work in. And you’re rewarded for offering to help.


We’ll have a complete coaching call with them to go over their goals, wants, needs and obstacles and come up with a plan together to help them with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. I’ll also call them each week to make sure they’re staying on track offering more accountability. And finally they’ll be put in a private and supportive group that will also help them throughout the month that you purchased for them.

You as the purchaser will receive the same service for 2 weeks ($100 value).


If this wasn’t what you initially expected, we’re more than happy to fully refund you for your purchase.

Each person that is interested in purchasing a gift card has a limit of 3 available to them so it’s fair for everyone else that wants to purchase. We capped this at a total of 21 gift cards available.

If you choose to buy more than 1 gift card, your max gift is 2 free weeks which is a $100 value. For example if you buy 3 gift cards this doesn’t equal 6 free weeks for you.

Each person can only use 1 gift card. So if you buy 3 (or had someone buy 3 for you), the max is one per person.

I understand there are always loopholes in offers like this. This is a huge value offered in our time for a very small cost. We’d appreciate it if people didn’t try to take advantage of our kindness, stemming simply from wanting to help more people get on track as soon as possible.

If there is any questions at all please let us know. We want to be 100% on the same page to meet everyone expectations with this offer. We simply want to help, that’s all there is to it. And we’re offering the ability for you to help those in your life that need help as well, and for you to be rewarded for it. Seems like a win for everyone.

I’m guessing there’s a chance this explanation was different from what some were or are expecting. To those, our apologies for not being more clear from the beginning. If you purchased and are unhappy with how we are running this, simply send us a message and we’ll send you a refund. No questions asked.

At this point in time we only have 8 gift cards left out of 21. I’m sure there will be someone else that would like to use them if anyone has changed their mind.

*the $200 value is not for products, it’s for the service listed above.