Blaine’s connection to MitoCanada was a result of his son Evan who tragically went from being a perfectly normal 4-year-old kid (8 years ago) to a spastic quadriplegic overnight (who could not longer walk, talk or eat) as a result of mitochondrial disease.

Blaine has poured his spare time over the past 7 years into helping raise awareness, provide support and raise funds for mitochondrial disease.

Blaine Penny is a passionate family man, Engineer, endurance athlete and volunteer. Blaine is a business executive by day, leading the Canadian operations for IHS Global Canada Ltd. – a global Information Services company – and a volunteer with MitoCanada Foundation by night.

Blaine was a co-founder and past President and CEO of MitoCanada (2009 – 2015), the first and only Canadian charity in support of mitochondrial disease.

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