TTR #22: Injury Prevention & Recovery with Clinical Massage Therapist

Injury Prevention & Recovery with Clinical Message Therapist
My name is Wendy Keller, I’m a wellness coach and clinical massage therapist-during the week I work at a Chiropractor office in Hermosa; weekends is at my private practice in Manhattan Beach. I was a soccer player my entire youth, indoor and outdoor, until 18 when my family relocated from the Chicago burbs to Las Vegas. Vegas didn’t have any female or mixed leagues in those ancient days so I stuck to running outside and that’s when I got into hiking, cycling and yoga. Years la...
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The End of Book Stores?

I run into many different types of people during my adventures with whatever project I'm up to, in this case in particular more directly those that start a detox or a cleanse. First of all it’s important to note that when perusing the contents of Detoxify Yourself it could look slightly daunting when you get to the meal section and you see 6 meals in a day.  Yes we’ve all heard this before; many people know what to do others have just heard you’re supposed to eat small meals throughout the day....
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TTR #21: Road to Antartica

Road to Antartica
Mark Minichiello, is the Head Coach and Program Administrator for the LA Road Runners since 2017, the official training program of the Los Angeles Marathon. Mark is a Boston marathon qualifier, New York marathon qualifier and Abbott World Marathon Majors Six Star finisher. Mark has completed over twenty-five marathons on four continents. Coaching History & PhilosophyMark is a USA Track and Field certified coach and both a certified RRCA Certified Level 1 Coach and a RRCA Certi...
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TTR #20: Setting Goals for Success

Setting Goals for Success
In this show Dorothy interviews Drew Taddia, on how to find success. How he was able to start a radio show, create podcasts and be part of a running community. In this show they talk about setting goals, creating a plan and living inspired. Follow along to learn how you can set and achieve goals yourself!
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TTR #19: Plant-based Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Plant-based Foot and Ankle Surgeon
I was born and raised in Tokyo Japan. Finished high school in Tokyo and moved to the US to attend college.  I didn’t plan for it initially, but I ended up going to medical school & got a job in Los Angeles. Now I’m married and with a dog... so I’m happily stuck in Los Angeles.  As for the athletics, I was an avid soccer player & coach; but it got harder to find a team to play for. I started dabbling in cycling, which led me to dabble in triathlon and eventually an Ir...
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Benefits of a Book Signing

We all see authors sitting at books stores (if we visit books stores frequently enough).  We see them from the outside but not usually from the inside out.  This is my view, this is what I see sitting from behind the table. Even though I wouldn’t say I’m new to book signings anymore, having 6-8 under my belt I wouldn’t say it gets a whole lot easier.  It’s easier talking about what you do or what you’ve written but still sitting there as people walk by is an uncomfortable experience.  You kn...
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TTR #18: Having Fun with Running

I live in a little house with a big yard in Manhattan Beach with my husband Mike, human child Nate, and the fur kids, Dexter (sweet old chocolate Lab) and Hawkeye (crazy orange tabby cat). Nate is 18 and attending El Camino College. My dad was in the Navy when I was little, so we moved around quite a bit, but I mostly grew up in the Washington, DC area, and then went to college in Vermont. After college, a friend and I drove across the country to live in LA, pretty much on a whim. I’ve now ...
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TTR #17: A Running Pioneer, Author and Coach

Writer and Certified Coach, Level Two for both, USA Track and Field and USA Triathlon; and Level One, Certified Coach, Road Runners Club of America. David A. Levine, is co-author of the Complete Idiots Guide to Marathon Training, which came out worldwide in 2012. Runner’s World Magazine has quoted him. He is a certified Coach, Level Two, with USA Track & Field and Level Two with USA Triathlon, both signatories of the US Olympic Committee.  Recently, he received his Level On...
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TTR #16: Fighting Autoimmune Disease with Triathlons

Jasmine Moezzi is a 25 year old Iranian-American Triathlete, Chronic Illness Warrior/Advocate, KEEN Los Angeles volunteer, and world traveler. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and holds a B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern California and is currently employed at Equinox Culver City. She proudly represents Iracelikeagirl International Women's Team founded by her coach and biggest inspiration, Pro Triathlete Angela Naeth. ...
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Bottles Depot’s Homeless Lady

The other day we went to the bottle depot to take in some cans and bottles to recycle. There was a lady that looked homeless off to the side in the corner across from the recycling place. She looked to be sorting a few bottles, looked like she had all of her belongings in a basket but it hard to tell. Not too long ago I wrote about how I was rejected and even insulted a homeless person when I asked them if he need help. I didn’t want that to deter me from offering to help others. But still, doub...
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