The End of Book Stores?

I run into many different types of people during my adventures with whatever project I'm up to, in this case in particular more directly those that start a detox or a cleanse. First of all it’s important to note that when perusing the contents of Detoxify Yourself it could look slightly daunting when you get to the meal section and you see 6 meals in a day.  Yes we’ve all heard this before; many people know what to do others have just heard you’re supposed to eat small meals throughout the day....
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10 Day Online Sugar Detox

We're super excited to launch our first 10 day online sugar detox! We've done plenty of other detoxes in the past so this is a natural progression that we've been wanting to do for awhile now! We'll try to keep this information post as clear and as simple as possible. Where You don't have to be anywhere in particular because this 10 Day Sugar Detox is 100% online. All you need is an internet connection (and a Facebook profile and you're in!). Regarding Facebook, this is where we host our pr...
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Benefits of a Foam Roller

There are so many benefits of a foam roller, in fact I believe in them so much I feel everyone should have one and use it at least 3 times a week if not more, depending on how active you are. In this post I'm going to talk about prevention, how to stay injury free, how to use a foam roller, the easy and convenience of using your foam roller as a prop and how to get a great full body workout in! Convenience of a foam roller  It can be difficult to get to the gym, we all know what it's li...
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Stay Hydrated to Reduce Stress

stay hydrated to reduce stress
Let's talk about how to stay hydrated to reduce stress because if we want to get into optimal health flush out toxins and reduce the stress put on our body on a regular basis we need to stay hydrated. We've got a couple video clips in this post to help you better understand the importance of hydration. We took these clips from the D&D Morning show that we thought you'd enjoy. Clearly, Dorothy and I are enjoying ourselves and we hope you enjoy as well.
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What is Your Normal?

What is Your Normal
Everyone has a different normal correct? For one person having $5000 in the bank is normal, to another that $5000 would mean their life is in jeopardy and maybe they just lost a whole lot of money. It would likely be fair to say, $100,000 in the bank for that individual would be their ‘normal’. Some sleep for 4-6 hours a night, this is normal. Someone that has a normal of 7-8 hour a night wouldn’t be able to function properly (at the very least not optimally) with only 4-6 hours of sleep. ...
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The Stress of a homeless mind

the stress of a homeless mind
I want to share this story with you. When I think about how this experience went, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around what actually happened. While walking down the street I hear this noise coming out of a homeless man’s mouth that I couldn’t possibly replicate through words on a page or come close to in my own voice. It was the sound of a loud, near obnoxious laugh, cackle and scream. Now the noise is extended, as soon as it began I turn my head, as the stranger isn’t far from me. I c...
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Soup Kitchen Experience

soup kitchen experience
Recently I had the opportunity to help out at a soup kitchen. I’ve always wanted to do this but I'm not sure why. I've always made excuses why I ‘couldn’t’. No time, too far, not sure where, how, what, etc. We could talk ourselves out of just about anything.   Given that I ran out of excuses and there was no good reason I could talk myself out of it, I had a conversation with the individual that runs the kitchen and talked myself into a job…at least for a few hours :).   Now, would you belie...
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Stress Around Giving 

stress around giving
There is so much stress around giving at this time year. How much do you spend, what would someone like, where to find it, will they use it, appreciate it, the list never ends. I suppose I’m thinking, if you really want to make someone happy, if you want to give them a gift they’ll really like and appreciate. Course you could go to any box store, buy an expensive gift and depending on the price, see a big smile across their face. Personally I try to give more thoughtful gifts. Gifts that t...
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Slow Sustainable Changes

Alright, so I very well know the title isn't going to turn too many heads, now that we got that out of the way let me explain. I believe for the most part, quick results leave just as quickly as they come. What sounds cliche holds true in the fact that, "it's the journey that makes it worth while". Let's look at quick results for a moment. I can tell you the exact way to lose weight in a short amount of time, ready for it? You carb deplete, dehydrate and do some form of cardio for 1hr a day (...
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Adrenal Fatigue and Reducing Stress 

It’s so important to have a positive attitude, to be grateful and to understand that we can actually physically lower our stress levels by changing our frame of mind. If we wake up miserable, stress tends to pile on. We’re more easily stressed out about simple things that normally wouldn’t bother us. Changing your frame of mind first thing in the morning will go along way in reducing your stress levels. 4 Key Points in Reducing Stress #1. Habits As humans we are creatures of habit....
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