Dawn Van Tienhoven-Buschert

Dawn Van Tienhoven-Buschert

Thanks for hosting the group Drew Taddia. Tons of helpful thoughts and ideas to think about and implement!

Virginia Ludwig

Virginia Ludwig

The business coaching with Drew helped me so much. I experienced that there is so much you can learn from him.

His knowledge about starting a business as well as running it sucessfull is huge!

I was able to implement his tips and have seen results very quickly!

The support in the group he created is fantastic, it helped me make new connection and learn from others!

All in one….great tutor with a great way to impart his knowledge!

Thank you Drew Taddia.

Louise Landry

Louise Landry

I’ve been doing this monthly membership for 2 moths now (but have done various programs with Trie Life since the spring). This is a great program. Get fit from the comfort of your home, but have the advantage of a Nutation plan(includes meal plans, recipes and grocery lists), and is all overseen by personal trainer, Drew Taddia.

Drew is very supportive, and very helpful. I have had to modify some of the exercises to accommodate my physical limitations(most of you will know that the stroke I had 18 years ago left me with a very weak left arm). If I can do these workouts, believe me so can you!
This plan has been great for me. I’ve lost inches, gained energy, and get great sleeps.

Chantal Denis

Chantal Denis

Thank you so much Drew and Dorothy for your time and dedication to the group. I LOVED this challenge so much. I found it really helpful for the videos every day so thank you for that too. This challenge proved to me that I don’t need to spend hours In the gym to see results and feel good because time was always one of my excuses for not working out, especially when I am trying to do an hour of yoga/meditation every day.

Callie Tesnow

Callie Tesnow

I want to let you know about my experience with the True Form monthly membership. I have been going for health advice from Drew for years, through his books and detoxes and this is yet another tool he has created that has helped me.

I am one of those people who had been know to consider a banana and a Diet Coke a legitimate meal and this program has really taken then guesswork out of planning my meals ahead so I don’t run into those situations.

The membership is really fool proof. You get a grocery list and a meal plan with recipes and daily workouts. The private group is on Facebook which makes it super easy to access and the support from Drew and Dorothy as well the rest of the members in the group is fantastic.

It amazes me the difference I feel in my energy level just from eating the right foods. This is not a fad diet, believe I’ve tried most of them. This is really a lifestyle change and I totally recommend it.

Dorothy Keith

Dorothy Keith

Starting from a very beginner Drew taught me about how quality food increases your metabolism and can change your whole life. From preparing me mentally to exercise Drew offers the whole package.

True Form Member Lindsey Dietz!

True Form Member Lindsey Dietz!

“I never would have thought an invite to a True Form fitness class would change my view of healthy living. Drew’s class not only provides an intense full body workout but allows time for questions, serving as a valuable resource for information in my pursuit of better health. True Form is full of like minded encouraging people, who’s life choices are making a difference in their health and the environment.”




I began working with Drew in January of 2013. I had gained a considerable amount of weight in my first 2 years of College. After my first semester of my 3rd year, I began feeling less confident, and uncomfortable in my own body. My weight gain had really started to bother me, and I knew I had to do something about it. This is when I met Drew. After my first session with Drew, I already felt motivated, and knew that he would be able to get me on the right track. We began working out together twice a week. During our workouts we would chat about my nutrition, and my goals for the future. Drew took the time to explain to me how important nutrition was in my goal of achieving weight loss and getting healthy. Drew understood that my school environment played a big role on my dietary choices. Instead of insisting I cut out all the bad things I knew I was eating, (like I had assumed would happen), Drew explained to me that cutting back can be the best way to start. This slow process of eliminating and adding different products from my diet is easy to stick to, and has helped me out a lot. Although I only worked one on one with Drew for a short period of time, I found the motivation I needed and gained a lot of knowledge I had not known before. Drew introduced me to Quinoa, and I have been hooked ever since. As I continue to make small changes to my lifestyle, I know the tips and the time spent with Drew will help contribute to me reaching my weight loss, and health goals. Everyone comes into your life for a reason, and I have Drew to thank for helping me find the motivation I needed to get back on track. Thanks Drew!

True Form Member Kim Moore

True Form Member Kim Moore

After my husband’s mom and dad passed away in their early 60’s and my own

mom in her 40’s all from sickness I knew I had some hard choices to make.

I knew I was out of shape and I didn’t eat right and I had to do something

about it. No more fast and easy in my life. I knew it was time for change!

I had a friend come into where I work and she told me of this knew boot

camp class that she had started going to so I thought good I will go see

what it was all about and of course I took another friend with me because

she wanted to get in shape too. Good then I will not be alone at class. That

was at the end of May beginning of June 2011.

That is when I met Drew from True Form it was a love hate relationship

from the start. He loved telling me what to do and I hated him for telling me

what to do but I kept on going because I wanted to get in shape. So I went

to the classes until August when my holidays started then I thought I would

go back in September.

So after a month off I started back going to classes not very serious but

going. My friends were not going anymore I felt very alone. Then I got an

injury just after I went back so I was down for a couple more weeks then

it was hit or miss making it to classes so I decided to get Drew to do personal

training with me in a nice warm gym, because it was getting cold outside

and that is where the classes were.

In October I went to the doctor for a physical before starting with Drew.

The doctor looked at me and asked if I exercised then he said I had high

salt and cholesterol. I just said that I am starting with a trainer he said

“that’s good” . With that I knew I had to get really serious!

So I did with Drew’s help, encouragement and being accountable for what

I put in my body. He worked with me and I have done a lot of things that I

never thought I would ever do in my life like the CLC Mud Run (can’t wait till

this years.) This year I also got my best friend going to classes now he will

be doing the mud run also.

Now it has been over a year and a half with True Form and I have lost

17 lbs and 7 clothe sizes and my doctor said that I don’t have high

cholesterol or salt now. It has been a long and hard road but it has been

well worth it. I could not have done it without True Form and the other

people in this class that make it enjoyable to go. Thank you all so much and

a special Thanks To Drew for starting up True Form classes in Didsbury.

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Meet True Form Member Brenda Wagner

Meet True Form Member Brenda Wagner

In February 2009 I hired Drew as my personal trainer as I had been
given a one month to a gym and had never been in a gym before and
knew I needed some professional help to maneuver my way around
the gym. What I did not realize was Drew was going to walk beside
me mentoring and guiding me every step of the way as I maneuvered
my way into a whole new lifestyle. I had recently lost my husband and
my whole world was messed up physically, mentally, and emotionally.
There began a four year journey s to putting my world back together.
True Form’s philosophy is based on “Mind Body and Soul” and in the
beginning, coming from a medical background; I doubted the effect the
mind could have on one’s body. Slowly and patiently Drew continued
to guide me to realize how true this was. He challenged me when he
knew I could handle it he backed off when he knew I needed space.
Over this time until I reached the point where emotionally I began
to heal I was constantly having one physical problem after the other.
When I finally reached the point in my journey where I was able to
change my perspective about life then and only then did I really began
to heal mentally, emotionally and most of all physically. Many people
in my life affected my journey but none more than Drew and True
Form. On True Form’s website Drew’s statement “I am very confident
from past experiences that if you are truly ready to make a change in
your life and you are ready to commit to the adjustments we will make
together, we will succeed like many others have.” Is one he bases his
life and business on every day. I felt lost many times in my journey yet
I always knew Drew was there walking right beside me providing me
the tools, information, and most of all support I needed to make the
changes. I am sure at times I tried his patience as I had a hard time
believing what he said but he continued to present it to me in different

ways until finally I was ready and open to believe and then and only
then did my life begin to change.

A huge part of my lifestyle change has been my eating habits. Along my
journey Drew also challenged me to make changes in my eating habits.
I have never been a breakfast eater but now eat breakfast every day. I
eat way more than I ever have in my life. I lost my passion for cooking
when I lost my husband but Drew has reawakened that as well. He has
taught me how the food we put in our body can also affect our physical
health. I have been able to manage my arthritis by the food I eat and I
now can tell when something I ate is not good for my body.

I am in a way better place and I know there are still areas that I need
to continue to work on but thanks to Drew and True Form I know I
will continue to make those changes and I know Drew will be there
challenging and guiding me along the way.

If you are looking to make a change and are willing to open you mind
to a whole new way of thinking then True form and Drew Taddia are
for you. One of my favorite and most resounding statement of Drew’s
is “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” (Buddhist
proverb). If you are truly ready for a change then True Form is the right
choice for you.