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Simple Ingredients to Simply Improve Your Health 

Simple ingredients to simply improve your health. We believe food heals, prevents and cures. We believe food is the answer to our health. We also believe you should be able read and pronounce every ingredient we put into our bodies.

Which is why we designed Complete Truth Protein with simple ingredients. Our one product we use and recommend for baking has only 2 ingredients, that's right, 2! Quinoa and Hemp Seeds is processed into a flour into our proprietary blend so you can bake items that are actually good for you. We have tons of recipes, if you need any at all, you can look around our website or send us a message.

Our second product has only 4 ingredients. These include: Quinoa, Hemp Seeds, Maca and Stevia. Again, all ingredients you can read and pronounced that you are putting in your body to naturally energize your day and to help improve with digestion, which go hand in hand.

What are we about? 

We’re not a giant company, we’re a small team of individuals that work together who believe food is the answer, we believe in education of our product and food alike; we believe in customers service and treating those who support us as friends.

If you’d like to hear an interview about me and where I’m at with my teachings as an author, talk radio show host, personal trainer and health advocate you can do so here.

I’ve also documented my research through experimentation on my own body in a book called Detoxify Yourself which is much different than a conventional cleanse. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle and finding your true self.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our story. If you even have any questions about our product, services or anything else, we’ll always be a short email away.

Why use Complete Truth Protein (CTP)? 

We’d like to share with you the main nutrients CTP has to offer which are Energy, Iron, Fibre, Calcium and Magnesium.  Many of us are lacking at least one of these nutrients in our diets.  In fact, many people take supplement for these nutrients (because we lack them in our diets).  At CTP we believe in food as a healing source, we believe if we consume a balanced diet and get your nutrients from food you don’t need to supplement with vitamins or supplements.  Nutrients from food are recognized differently by the body which makes them easier to absorb which means you’re getting more for your buck by choosing foods to supplement your body instead of nutrients in pill form.

The very first thing new customers tell us, without a doubt is the new found energy they find when they starting using CTP. The secret to our formula is, there is no secret. We truly believe in food and we’re not going to disguise anything and try to tell you it’s only our formula that gives you energy. When supplementing your body with quality food and nutrient dense our body simply uses more of the nutrients. When your body recognizes nutrients as food it uses more nutrients so it doesn’t discard much of what you’ve consumed and it certainly doesn’t store it as body fat. When you use a high quality food that’s whole and nutrient dense your body almost immediately turns those nutrients into energy because because it’s all utilized by the body.

Iron is a nutrient many people, especially women lack as they get older. We also lose iron in our sweat during activity which is rarely replaced. The highest nutrient CTP offers is iron at 23! Both quinoa and hemp hearts are good sources of iron which is why CTP’s percentage is so high. So what’s iron for and why is it an important nutrient? The human body needs iron to make the oxygen-carrying proteins hemoglobin and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is found in red blood cells and myoglobin is found in muscles which is why it’s so important to those are involved in physical activity.

If you run short on iron on a consistent basis you could be diagnoses with anemia which causes lack of energy, shortness of breath, headache, irritability, and even dizziness. A quick tip for you if you’re experiencing lack of iron is to add vitamin C with whatever iron source you’re choosing that the time. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron.

Fibre is an important part of your diet because it keeps the digestive system healthy and functioning properly. Fibre also aids in digestion and also prevents constipation. Most of us don’t get the recommended daily allowance of fibre. Fibre is also important when it comes to weight control because fibre in foods help you feel full which will aid in the prevention of overeating. It’s important to note that fibre can’t be found in meat or dairy products.

The main concern with not having enough calcium is the increased risk of osteoporosis as we age (the weakening of bones). As we age it becomes more difficult for our bodies to abosrb calcium from our diets, so our bodies take the calcium from our bones weakening them, which is why it’s essential we keep feeding our bodies with calcium rich foods as we age.

Magnesium is a mineral different than any other kind of nutrient. It’s not directly associated with any ‘partner’ like potassium and bananas or calcium and bones. Although most experts will agree magnesium is absolutely essential to your health and well being. Magnesium is mostly used for preventing constipation and regulating blood pressure. Along with Calcium, Magnesium is also known to help strengthen bones. Regardless of what we use magnesium for, it’s a good idea to find a quality source to increase the health of your body.

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"The COMPLETE TRUTH protein product is like no other! It’s a versatile vegan product that is packed with whole food nutrition and protein. I recommend this product to my clients for improved energy and blood sugar balance."

Rick Kohut
Holistic Nutritionist

"After I started taking Complete Truth Protein Powder I became extremely excited because not only did it help take away the feeling of achy muscles it also helped me push through exercises I never could prior to using it."


"It feels good knowing you can get a product that you can trust is good for you 100%. There’s no green washing so you can guarantee that what’s on the label is what’s in the product."


"I think your product is superior due to its nutritional content, simplicity and convenience. I absolutely love your packaging and labeling."

Paola Ludwig
Certified Raw Food Chef

"Totally love your product, the only protein powder I consider using now"


"Just read your post on testimonials. Funny, cause just this week, while enjoying my morning smoothie, I thought to myself – I should share how much I love this stuff! So,…I’m very happy to share how much I’m enjoying Complete Truth Protein. I purchased from you at the RMSC womens run in Canmore. I’m amazed at how smoothly it blends and most importantly – how great it tastes. That’s so important, because I still have half a jar of another vegetable protein product which I will likely never finish because it tasted so bad. Your creativity, knowledge and passion for health & wellness are obvious (and so appreciated). This site is fantastic! I haven’t tried the recipes yet, but plan to! So far I have Complete Truth Protein every morning with various fruits/veggies and every combination is a winner. It blends so smoothly with everything I throw in it. Also, being a farmer, I so appreciate using a local supplier! Your business represents all things good to me. Thank You! Stay the course – all of your efforts are appreciated…. I’m hooked."


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