Conference, Sales and Morality

I don’t usually write with emotion, most people would think it’s the opposite. But sometimes writing helps me understand situations. I just got back from an amazing business conference where I learned more in 2 days than some learn in a year.

The issue is I went to find some clarity and at least at this point only found more confusion. One of my goals is to travel the world as a speaker (there I said it, that means I have to do something about it right? ;)). 

The problem is, this company was SO much about sales it was hard to digest. I’m not the type of person to openly put a company or business down, so I won’t. I really did learn tons and have so much new found inspiration I don’t know what to do with it.

Conference, Sales and Morality

The problem is the world they live in was so much about money and sales and pushing. One of my biggest take aways is, we don’t sell enough products because we don’t have a large enough audience. 

And don’t get me wrong, I love our community, and the people that follow us and those of you reading this right now. But to turn a business into something so we can employ more people with jobs, so we can donate more to charity, so I don’t feel guilty buying a new pair of running shoes cause mine have holes in them (true story, ask Dorothy ;)). 

But the fact of the matter is, to make a real change in the world we have to grow our audience. The most challenging issue is how do you do that morally, with values and integrity. How do you do that so you can still look in the mirror and appreciate what’s looking back. Because I guarantee some of those people selling yesterday couldn’t stand what looked back at them.

I saw people buying into a payment plan that would put them in debt for at least the next 3 years. All for a dream and a desire to be financially free? I saw speakers being scolded for not selling a book hard enough (right in front of us). I saw someone literally being bullied into buying a tie. The speaker stood right over this individual promising a one on one meeting if he got up and purchased a $75 tie if you could imagine. Here’s the thing, everyone got a ‘one on one’ meeting which ended up being a small group of 10, and you got about 12 words of advice.

Of course there’s a happy medium, I just have to find it. And I understand that last paragraph sounds horrible. Not my intention. Again the 2 day conference was filled with 12 hours/day of endless value and information. 

It’s my job to figure out what works for us, what I want to implement and how we can grow in the direction that aligns with our values. Pressuring people into sales isn’t my thing, pushing for every extra cent even when you know someone doesn’t have the money, it not my thing. 

I wouldn’t work for that company and if I had to run my business that way to be a world traveling speaker, in full confidence I’d be happy to walk away and find a new dream to pursue. 

I think in anything in life you have to decide what’s important to you, what inspires you to get up every day, make a living and enjoy what you do. And at the end of the day look back and appreciate what you’ve been able to accomplish. That’s where you’ll find true happiness, which more than anything, is what we’re all looking for.