Dealing with Failure

We all deal with failure on different levels, we all handle failure in different ways. Regardless of how you deal with it or handle it, we must understand without failure there is no success.

It’s difficult to find your limitations without failure. Let’s say you’re at the gym of example and never push yourself to failure, how will you know what your limit is? What is your level of success if you don’t know what to strive for?

Here is a show where I talk about 5 Reasons You SHOULD Fail in the gym. Which will explain in more detail how you can find the success you’re looking for by being willing to fail but not only that but learning how to get back up and get better when you do.

Dan Millman told a story on an interview for Exploring Mind and Body where he said, in the West we’re obsessed with the end results, however in the East the action is the end result. What means all you have to do is take action to succeed.

How wonderful would that be if we gauged our success on the action instead of the result? Our self confidence would be higher, we’d be happier, there would less depression and most people would stop saying and think limiting words like ‘I can’t’.

Here is a past show where I talk about Overcoming Rejection which isn’t entirely different than failure. If you listen to what I say in this show you’ll understand I don’t believe we can actually and ultimately succeed with both rejection and failure.

And lastly when it comes to business or life in general I think there are valuable lessons to be learned from failure. It seems to me the most successful people in the world don’t fail less they fail more. In fact I feel like the more success you find the more opportunity there is to fall. More directly the higher you climb the further it is to fall.

Everyone once in awhile I talk about my failures and people seem to be surprised that I’ve deal with failures, so I decided to talk about it on a show. Here are some of my biggest failures that I’ve deal with in this show I call Let them Haters Hate.

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