drew approved 10 day challenge

20 Mins a day, no equipment required = Lasting Results!

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Are you ready for a 10 day fitness challenge?!

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We’ll also send you nutrition tips and suggestions on how to stay on track and keep your body ignited in that fat burned stage all day long! We also have BONUS recipes, that are easy to make, clean, gluten free and will give that extra boost to improve your results over these next 10 days.

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Full 10 Day Challenge Details

Let’s go over exactly what’s involved so you know what you’re getting yourself into


  • 20 min workouts
  • Full Body Weight Exercises
  • No gym equipment required
  • New workout each day for 10 days
  • Additional tips each day to get you RESULTS!
  • Increase confidence
  • Burn Body Fat
  • Get on Track
  • Drop Inches
  • Increase Energy
  • Reduce Stress
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Is it really only 20 mins?

Yes it is. Why you say? Because we can all squeeze in 20 minutes a day especially if you don’t have to wait in traffic or take time to drive to the gym. We deliver a new workout right to your inbox every day for the next 10 days.

No equipment?

That’s right, no equipment. No gym either. We’ll show you how to use your body as the machine, with functional movements that will increase your metabolism and help you burn fat all day long!

Is there anything else I should know?

Yeah, come ready to bring it! If you want results it’s time to jump in with two feet. It’s simple, get results that last, by saving time, gaining energy, feeling fantastic and having confidence when you look in the mirror.[/text_block]

Drew Taddia

My name is Drew Taddia, as a professional athlete and now a full time health and fitness enthusiast, I, with the help of Dorothy Keith have designed this 10 day program for you to help you drop inches, burn fat, gain energy and grab on to new found confidence.

In these next 10 days we’re going to show you how powerful a goal can be. We’ll show you that you do have time to workout, that in only 20 mins you can get incredible results. We’ll also show you that you get a fantastic workout in with absolutely no equipment other than your own body weight.

With everything done for you, with the cost of well, 20 minutes of your time a day, the only question is, will you bring it? Want to fight cravings, feel better about yourself, wake up inspired ready to take on the day? And how about accountability and motivation? We’ve got that too!

Let’s do this, together!

Drew Taddia, True Form Life Productions

*Such a great program!!! Short, high intensity work outs that don’t require any equipment or the gym!! As a mom of two busy kids, this was a fantastic program to kickstart my fitness goals, and after 10 days I lost 2.5 inches, my energy is up, and I feel great!*

Dylan Dean

Dylan Dean


Dylan’s results (*Results may vary from person to person)

*Thank you so much Drew and Dorothy for your time and dedication to the group. I LOVED this challenge so much. I found it really helpful for the videos every day so thank you for that too. This challenge proved to me that I don’t need to spend hours In the gym to see results and feel good because time was always one of my excuses for not working out, especially when I am trying to do an hour of yoga/meditation every day.*

Chantal Denis

Chantal Denis


Chantal’s Results (*Results may vary from person to person)