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Together Rick Kohut and Drew Taddia bring the perfect team to inspire
and educate you – bridging the gap between two worlds. Presenting,
your very own Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Expert. They’ll show
you how to get started the right way, giving you every advantage and
offering every opportunity at lasting success in overall health.
This book will inspire, educate, encourage, and offer the ‘must have’
tips and tools on how to live a healthier lifestyle. With core values
and a mindset alike, these authors will show you the benefits of
conscious eating, exercising and living healthier, but more importantly
‘the how’ in preventing disease. Instead of being another statistic in
the growing number of ailing and ill in the 21st Century human health
crisis, they will show you that you have a choice.
This book offers you an exciting path in obtaining optimal health. It
paints a clear picture of the broken health care system as it exists
today. It gives a fresh perspective with practical solutions to health.
The book will challenge your beliefs and inspire your desire to
live healthier.
Choose the health you’ve always dreamed of, for now and for always.
You can live healthier, you can live happier, you can prevent dis-ease
and avoid the ‘band-aid’ approach of western medication. In this
book, you’ll see exactly how, in a step by step process that gives you
a new path to elevate your health!
We’d like to welcome you to the future. We’d like to welcome you to
join the New Health Age of prevention. Your journey starts NOW!

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