Embracing 42: Reflecting on the Journey

This is 42. Gosh, that’s hard to say. I feel like I’ve spent a lifetime hiding my age, or at least avoiding it. I tell my clients they’ve earned this age, so if I don’t start appreciating it now, I never will.

I spent my 20’s mostly partying in college, sleeping on team buses, bouncing from hotel room to hotel room. Then from state to state and finally from country to country trying to make my way as a professional athlete but more lost than anything.

I spent my 30’s fighting, tooth and nail to gain any real traction with what mattered most. And since 40 I finally feel like everything I put in, all the challenges and struggles have been worth it. So maybe it’s time to appreciate how far I’ve come….

But if we take a look back, I started working with women over 40 in my early 20’s. I’d get the odd snide comment, ‘you’re just a baby, what do you know’. That didn’t exactly make me want to share my age.

As an athlete your shelf life was based more on your potential which has much to do with your age. You’re treated like a product, not a human being. Or even cattle, poked and prodded and ranked on a number of different things. I knew the more I aged the less time I had to play, which is all I wanted to do with my life. So it made me sad, each year that passed.

Truthfully around my birthday I’d often fight back tears of sadness for a couple reasons.

A. I was lonely, regardless of how many friends gathered for a night of drinking and partying. Which is all surface level enjoyment.

B. I never felt like I had accomplished much worth celebrating. At least not as much as I ‘should have’ at the age I was. I was more disappointed in myself than anything.

But when I look at my life and where I’m at now, I’d be hard pressed to find anything not worth being proud of.

I have the most amazing wife, who always makes me feel special, not just on my birthday but every day. I have the absolute privilege of watching her be a mother to our beautiful healthy baby boy, like that’s what she was put on this earth to do.

And to be with him or near him every single day, watching him grow and learn and explore is a precious gift I’m so incredibly grateful for.

Financially we’ve never been more stable. And we’ve gone through MANY dark days trying to learn how to run a business that was more of a non profit hobby. For years we talked about being in a position where a single income from our own business would support our family so we could both be at and work from home while raising children, which is exactly what’s happened.

And if I were to look at the 3 pillars of holistic success or well being including relationships, finance and health, the last would be my own health. This may be hard to believe because so many feel our health should decline as we age. But I feel like I’ve never been healthier.

A few years ago after being hit by a car, for the first time I knew what it was like to struggle with your health. Chronic pain, lack of mobility, having no idea who or where to turn to. That’s all in my past, without a glimmer of pain or frustration. I’m healthier and stronger than I’ve even been; that includes my mid 20’s, when I wouldn’t say I had a clear vision of what true health was.

All that includes mental health and maybe even maturity or what I like to call evolving as a human being. It wasn’t that long ago I’d still wonder what I ‘would get’ for my birthday, how many text or FB messages would be sent my way in celebration or who would remember.

But truthfully, I didn’t think about that once this year. All I wanted to do is spend time with my amazing family, and that is exactly what I got. And that’s all I needed.

I’m not sure what rich is, or maybe true wealth. Regardless of how you look at it, sometimes I enjoy life so much I wish I could pause it to appreciate it just a moment longer. A few more moments with my family, a few more moments in a morning snuggle, or belly laughing until water comes out your nose. Life’s true pleasures have little to do with the material possessions most of us chase on a regular basis.

This is going to be an amazing year, so I’ll embrace the years and everything in between that took to get here. And I appreciate you, our online community to share and celebrate with, because it’s certainly worth feeling proud of.

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