Exercise While Camping

I have always loved being outdoors. And it’s no secret that I love working-out, too. Camping and spending more time in nature helps clear my mind and an effective way to de-stress. That’s why I couldn’t pass up a chance to do two of my favorite de-stressing activities at the same time.

Exercise while camping is the way to do it! Imagine working-out while hearing the tranquil natural sounds of chirping birds, rustling leaves, or splashing water. Being surrounded by nature does wonders for my mental and physical well-being. Besides, it is always nice to ‘unplug to reconnect‘ once in a while. Nonetheless, it makes makes me more productive when I go back to the daily grind.

Mental Health Benefits of Exercising in an Outdoor Natural Environment

A systematic review of the literature, Environmental Science & Technology was conducted to determine if physical activity in outdoor natural environments (“green exercise”) has greater physical and mental health benefits than physical activity indoors.

Studies reported that compared with exercising indoors, exercising in natural environments was associated with greater feelings of revitalization and positive engagement. It not only increases energy; but also lower tension, confusion, anger, and depression.

Exercise While Camping

Just by looking at the beauty of nature around you, you’re likely to feel a sudden rush of motivation. The natural colors of the environment give a more inspiring setting than the boring colors of the gym. So feel the warmth of the sun and inhale more of that fresh air and do exercise while camping—whether in a campground or at a beach setting.

You might want to try these fun and easy workouts:


Step-ups Exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


push-ups exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


Dips exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


squats exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


toe-taps exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Knee Crosses

knee crosses exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


lunges exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps


knee hugs exercise while camping
3 sets; 12-15 reps

Forearms to Hands

forearms to hands exercise while camping.
3 sets; 12-15 reps

or watch the video below:

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