Family and Thanksgiving

Family and Thanksgiving

It’s so nice to see family isn’t it? It’s times like this during holidays and traditions where at least for me, it makes you remember what family is all about. I mean sure everyone has their drama but if you could put it aside just for a moment and realize how important family is, especially as you get older, I think we could all put that on pause for a moment.

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay in touch. Everyone has so much going on, everyone has their own lives and let’s be perfectly honest, sometimes it’s an inconvenience to pack up and drive hours or sometimes less to see the ones you love. But I think we could all agree that it’s worth it.

Here’s the thing though, in my opinion a healthy relationship has two sides, which means there are 2 sides of obligation and 2 sides of accountability which means both sides have to put in the effort that it takes to keep a relationship strong and healthy no matter if it’s friends or family.

When one side is the only side that calls, when one side is the only one that invites over, or when one side is the only one that goes out of their way, that’s when the disconnect happens.

That’s when we see less and less of the ones we love. And I’m certainly not pointing fingers, I’ll be the first to admit I wish that I’ve reached out to family (and friends) more often. But the truth is, there’s still time. For most of us we can still reach out, we can still commit to making an effort and seeing the ones we love no matter how inconvenient or no matter what’s going on in our lives.

I think we’d all be much better off, if we put in the time and effort it takes to spend quality time with loved ones. I hope you decide to reach out a little bit more often because it’s certainly worth it.