Fit Fam Black Friday

We have such an incredible community that we’ve built over the years, we wanted to find a way to keep it going. Yes, we know you’re probably bombarded with Black Friday sales, and truthfully, we don’t love them either. Even though it seems like many people do much of their shopping on this day.

We actually haven’t done a Black Friday Sale in about 5 years. Kinda crazy when you think about it. Getting back to the topic at hand. We wanted to offer something special to you all in the Fit Fam.

So what we’ve come up with is our biggest sale of the year, which is actually our biggest sale in 5 years! We know that the economy is tough and many people are looking for jobs. Which makes the financial situation difficult for many.

That was never our goal when we started this Fit Fam a number of years ago. Our goal was to bundle everything you need to find success into one package. Being support, nutrition and fitness. And actually showing you how to save money when grocery shopping or using an online fitness platform instead of a personal trainer for example.

There’s so many of you currently with us that we’d love for you to stay with us, growing and building our community and sharing positive energy and we hope you feel the same way too. Which again, is why we’re offering such a significant discount on our different options.

As you’ll see below we have 50% off any package you choose. And True to Form, being in the Fit Fam, we always offer a little more to you than the general public. Please have a look below for the package options along with our Special Fit Fam offer which we hope you feel is more than generous.

Fit Fam Black Friday
$59/mo * Savings of $40$39/mo/6mo ($234 * Savings of $240)$29/mo/12mo ($348 * Savings of $360)

If anyone from the Fit Fam recommends someone for any of these packages, we’ll match that for you for free. 

So if someone that you recommend signs up for the year, we’ll give you a year for free. If someone signs up for 6 months, we’ll offer you.

*this doesn’t pertain to someone that’s already in the Fit Fam, it’ll have to be someone new.