This is part of my Morning Routine, I feel that we should all have morning routines based on our lifestyle, things we want to achieve that take us in the direction we want to go in life.

Morning Nutrition Routines
Morning nutrition is one of the most significant factors to live a healthy lifestyle, hands down. Unfortunately so many of us don’t consider food or nutrients in the morning as being a priority. So I sat down and put this post/show together to help you understand how important morning nutrition is.

Creating healthy habits is something we all should be working towards. We’re creating habits on a daily basis, regardless of whether we know it or know. Sometimes healthy other times not so.

Part of my morning routine includes morning nutrition. Being strong and healthy and focusing on prevention through nutrition is important to me so I make it priority right when I get up.

✅ I start the day with a morning Kombucha to get my body ready for food.

✅ Next is a green smoothie, easy to digest and a natural energy boost.
What do I put in my green smoothie?

Here is short video of my morning green smoothie that is Energizing, Anti-inflammatory, and Oxidizing. I love this combination, I actually look forward to it in the morning. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it too!

✅ I enjoy a green tea in the morning as well for the health benefits as well as another energy kick.

✅ And lastly I have something similar to homemade granola. I know what’s in it, it’s clean, healthy and a great way to start my day.
➡️ Granola recipe here:

Healthy Homemade Granola Recipes
Granola is always a nice option for a quick and easy breakfast. Especially for those mornings when you don’t have a lot of time or you are heading out the door to work. These healthy homemade granola recipes have few ingredients which is great because most conventional store brands have a ton of ingredients even some that are not all that healthy for us to be consuming.

Think about your morning routine, do you wake up early enough to have one or are you rushing out of your house? Remember that if you wake up prepared and ready to go your entire day is set up differently than rushing out of the house.

Find something that works for you, form healthy habits in the morning and watch your day and life move in the direction you want it to go.

Healthy Morning Routines

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