Hitting Road Block After Road Block

Hitting road block after road seems like is something we’ll all have to deal with. So picture this, you decide to go to a carnival with the kids. You and your spouse decide on a time, you let the kids know, you then decide what you’ll take. Maybe snacks, hats, sunglasses, water, etc. You decide what route you’re going to take or more likely put the address in your phone’s gps.
Then you pack up the car, load up the kids and you’re on your way!
15 minutes into your 3 hour drive you realize you forgot to fill the car up with gas so you pull over at the nearest gas station and fill the car up. Once again, you’re off!
Unfortunately an hour later one of the kids (or your spouse ;)) has to go to the bathroom that absolutely can not wait. So you find the nearest place to pull over so they can use the bathroom.
Everyone takes as bathroom break, the family is loaded up again and once again, you’re off! Everyone is excited, there’s laughter, maybe some music and seat dancing in the back seat and would you believe not 30 minutes later there’s a road block.
 hitting road block after road block

Part of Life

Here’s the issues. This is Life. We go through road blocks, set backs, disappointment, even failures every single day.
So here’s the decision, are you actually going to pull over and camp on the side of the road. The re route is 15 minutes back from where you came from and then you’re off again.
So 95% of people would take that detour and keep moving forward given the intention that was set that day. 5% throw their arms up and go home.

It’s funny that when we set goals and hit these road blocks 95% of people throw their arms up and go home, and only 5% take the other way that will almost certainly get them to their destination?

As human beings we’re naturally and inherently good at setting goals. We just don’t think about it. When we go to the grocery store, this is a goal. We know what route we’re going to take, we know what we need, we know how long we have and we usually know the obstacles like traffic or time of day.

But when it comes to consciously setting goals, we’re afraid, we fear failure. We don’t expect failure or speed bumps so when they come we easily give up and go home.

Back to the story

This particular family turns around after a short discussion, takes the detour and is back on track. They edge closer and closer to their destination and just when they thought they turned the corner because they’re only 20 minutes away, they hit LA traffic that moves at a snails pace.

Slight disappointment sets in, they’re so close to getting there, so close to their goal. And before any tantrums in the back seat start, a conversation is ignited about how far they’ve come. About how they packed up their things, got through the bathroom breaks, by passed the road block and are so close.

In this situation it doesn’t make sense to wonder ‘what’s the point’, you’re certainly not going to turn around, in fact there’s no way to turn around. Your spouse and children are counting on you to get you to that final destination, especially being so close. You just have to be patient, you just have to wait a little more. In fact you can actually see the carnival and it feels so close that you can touch it. Turning back isn’t an option.

It’s funny how we come so close to our goals and give up. In this case they can see the carnival which almost makes it worse. One of the children actually recommends they pull over and walk because they’d get there faster that way.

But many times we don’t know how close we are before giving up, when it’s the key moment to push on because that very last push will make it all worth it.

Eventually they made it, except by the time they got their it started raining and they closed the amusement park…..just kidding! That wouldn’t be a happy ending now would it.

They did make it, and you know what? They had the time of their lives. There was carnival music, candy apples and the sweet smell of whipped sugar made into cotton candy. Tea cups, roller coasters and water slides. It was the best day ever!

Screenshot 2016-05-11 10.04.15

Thinking Back

Thinking back what kind of day would it have been if they quit, what would happen if they turned around like that small percentage back at the road block. My guess is it would have been a miserable day. Parents would be arguing about how they should have pushed on, the kids would be cranky because they didn’t get to go, and life would go on, without a smile I suppose but it would go on.

So think about that next time you set a goal, which you do every day anyways. You set and accomplish goals every single day of your life. But when it comes to something meaningful, when it comes to something life changing, we let that fear get in the way.

We avoid that detour, we pass on the bathroom breaks and not only do we miss out on the journey and the so very precious time we have with those moments we’ll cherish forever when the kids were that young, but we miss out on the carnival all together.

So live inspired, take the road less traveled (unless you’re driving down an LA freeway) be that 5% that pushes on and enjoy life and embrace all the set backs and speed bumps it has to offer.

It’s worth it. I promise