How to detox your body through sleep

How to detox your body through sleep is something we rarely think about.  We don’t realize we actually put more stress on our bodies by not getting a restful sleep and if we really want to detox our bodies and reduce stress then getting a good night sleep is very important.  

Sleep is so important because this is when we give our bodies have a chance to rest and recover.  We give both our minds and body the opportunity to heal and rejuvenate and if we’re not sleeping well we’re simply not giving our bodies what they need.

There’s a number of different things we can do to help our bodies get in a restful state which all beings with habits.  As humans we are creates of habit; we sleep on the same side of the bed, we eat breakfast in the same chair and we usually watch tv on the same side of the couch, this is how we are programmed so instead of fighting good habits we may as well use this knowledge to our advantage.

Timing is important, it gives our bodies a chance to start shutting themselves down, so in the evening it’s a good idea to start developing a habit of starting to relax at the same time.  A good book can put you in a relaxing state, burning incense, taking a warm bath and putting on relaxing music are all great ways to help your body start relaxing.

Tips to help you sleep better

  • start getting your mind and body ready for bed at the same time of night
  • take a warm bath
  • listen to relaxing music
  • read a good book (fiction)
  • burn incense
Not only can we make habits and find a few exercises to do before bed to put our body in a restful state but there are also a number of things we should be avoiding, which again are developed habits.  Staying away from nicotine and alcohol is very important late at night, these are stimulants that put our body in an uneasy state, they also keep us awake even though many might think ‘I need my evening drink’ or I need that last cigarette before bed.  Snacking on high sugary or fatty foods is also something that should be avoided.  These ‘foods’ or substances rather, are hard for our body to digest, which means we are using energy while we’re sleeping for difficult to digest foods instead of using that energy to heal our bodies.  As difficult as it may seem at first or even to think about, try starting new habits, or even less of these ‘not so good habits’.  Remember progress is progress and baby steps is sustainable growth.

What to avoid that will help you sleep better

  • alcohol
  • nicotine
  • sugar or fatty foods
  • loud music
  • action/horror movies
What to avoid that will help you sleep better

Many people have issues sleeping at night, we all know how our minds and bodies function on a great nights sleep and we all know how difficult a day can be when we hardly sleep at all.  The best thing you can do for yourself when considering how to detox your body through sleep is start to form habits, habits that will put your body in a restful state which will prepare your body for a great night of sleep and rejuvenation.