Human Being Before the First Lock Down Virus

I know this is going to be hard to believe but I’ll share anyways.

I can see the future. I brought this clip back to tell you…

This is actually a human being or was before the first ‘lock down’ virus the world has seen.

When they told you to stay in your homes and wait for the next ‘announcement’, when they told you masks were useful, and breathing your own carbon dioxide won’t be an issue in the future, and that breathing in mask particles all day long won’t cause long term lung damage.

This is the result of rushed experimental medication first to adults and then children. This is their future, our future.

This is the result of untested boosters every 6 months for the last 10 years. Where people actually shamed and ridiculed if chosen differently.

This is what happened when the masses listened to the news, that separated friends and family, that told you not to visit or see them especially on the most important days.

No facial recognition with the covers, you hardly recognize your family and friends anymore cause you’re told not to spend time together and most were ok with this.

Most followed along, joined in on the social pressure, segregation, shaming and hardly considered the mental and emotional state of everyone that chose differently, that thought differently.

Without jobs, communication skills or a loving community humanity turned to this…

I wonder if Charles Darwin ever would have predicted this 🤣