Importance of Reading Ingredients

Ever think of trying a new brand of a product that you use regularly?  BEWARE: Reading ingredients can save you from purchasing an item with unwanted ingredients, which is why I’d like to talk about the importance of reading ingredients.

Coconut water is a regular item in our home.  We buy the same brand each time.  However, recently we decided to try another brand.  It read Coconut Water on the front so it’s coconut water, right?  Placed it in our cart and headed home.

I had a drink of our new coconut water and immediately realized that there were other ingredients in this product that read “coconut water” on the front.  I looked at the label (I should have done this at the store) and saw the added sugar.

Exploring Mind and Body Interview:

Listen to Dorothy and I talk about this in depth regarding the Importance of Reading Ingredients

Front titles do not always tell the truth.  We need to be aware of the ingredients that may be inside.   Reading ingredients will educate you and save you from an unwanted purchase. Never take for granted that your ingredients in your trusted brand will be the same for any other brand.  I am all for trying new products, but learn from my experience and read labels before you purchase.

Watch this video to hear more about our experience and tips on reading the ingredients. This is a short snippet from our weekly Morning show, if you’re interested in the full show and others like it, more details are HERE.