Inspiration from Cindy Gale

I LOVE this picture of Cindy Gale rockin the water skis. I’ve been working with Cindy for quite some time and she always finds a way to push herself. We’ve talked about water skiing goals, health and fitness goals and her passion to continue to push forward regardless or any limitation or rather the thought of a limitation.

inspiration with cindy gale


-I’d say more times than not we have reasons why we ‘can’t’ (which is a mind set) instead of reasons why we can. – Drew Taddia

Cindy is one of those Members that seems like she’s always there for support, more than anything because she is. From Complete Truth Protein to our Monthly Membership, which actually began when I ran fitness classes for a group of teachers at OLQP in Airdrie.

One of Cindy’s reasons or her all so important ‘why’ is to stay healthy and active so she can keep up with her kids. Time and time again this is a reason I hear so many respond with when I ask, ‘what’s the reason you want to live healthier’.

Some consider it, some think about it, and some take action like Cindy. I recently saw some of her summer camping/cabin pictures and first of all let me say, wow do they look like they have fun. And secondly, I think many people would have trouble keeping up with their activity level which would make it that much more important to stay fit and healthy all the time.

Thanks for your inspiration Cindy and thanks for your support over the years!

Screenshot 2016-08-10 10.14.0710 Day Challenge 

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Need more tips to stay motivated?

Here’s one of my better posts on 10 tips to instantly increase fitness motivation. To read click on the link or to listen to me talk about it you can hit the play button below.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. What keeps you motivated?