Let’s Talk About Plants!

Plants are amazing. They just tell you exactly what they want. They tell you if they want food, if they want water, if they want sunshine. So we have tomato plants and we’re growing them from seed. And we were actually selling a handful. We don’t have too many left, but I have some in my office. These are grape/cherry tomato plants. And I have five on my window. So we’ve had quite a few tomato plants go out already.

I think everyone should grow their own food. Honestly, I really do. I feel like everyone should have a garden. Everyone should learn what it’s like to plant a seed and nurture it and watch it grow and give it water and then cook it or eat it raw and then enjoy those nutrients. It’s such a different experience than just going to the grocery store or hopefully the farmer’s market, at least here in Alberta when the weather’s nicer. So that’s why I like to talk about plants in general and I like to talk about the nutrients that plants have to offer, that you have to understand most of the food that we come from, unless it’s dairy or meat products, those are plants.